Management & Leadership

“Lever Pullers”

05/17/2018 Becoming and remaining a “good firefighter” requires continuous learning and work on technical competency.

Focusing on Objectives

05/15/2018 For a company officer, multitasking is a requirement, not just an art. Pulling up to a working fire with victims trapped takes that art form to an entirely new level.

Ruthless Repetitions

05/09/2018 If you are not discussing ways to improve, you are not leading a team. In fact, if you are not focused on finding ways to prepare and improve, you are failing in the role as a team leader.

Peripheral Perspective

05/03/2018 A leader needs peripheral perspective: The ability to see beyond the obvious; to sense conditions, actions, and behaviors outside the direct line of a leader’s sight.

Purpose vs. Position

05/02/2018 When you only use rank as a requirement without consideration for the subject matter expertise required for a job function, things get tricky and dangerous.

Yo, Man ... What’s That You’re Smoking?

04/27/2018 Nozzlehead responds to a reader who is fighting for an exhaust removal system in the firehouse.

Pretty Stripes and Pumpless Ladders


Nozzlehead responds to a letter about a department that chose to not follow protocol when painting its new apparatus. 

Personal Development


Before any of us can be entrusted to lead people, we must ensure we are competent to lead people. 

Get Involved


More and more women are becoming chiefs, and more and more chiefs are recognizing the benefits of a diverse workforce. Now is the time to engage. 

The Burn Building Limits


David Rhodes looks at how burn buildings are a great place to practice the mechanics and get repetitions in for tactics training but are not the place to develop the tactics. 

Establishing Purpose

04/01/2018 FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at complacency in the fire service and the things we can do to overcome that complacency.

What’s Next?


Looking into the not-so-distant future 

Relentless Pursuit


Frank Viscuso shares advice from a successful wrestling coach on how leaders can step up their game and achieve better results.

Assessment Centers


Anthony Kastros introduces his column on assessment centers and how to prepare for the job you want.

N.F.L. (No Formal Leadership)


Stephen Marsar examines the difficulties of making decisions in the fire service.

Masters of Chaos


All successful fire operations are the result of orders and actions determined by a standardized, methodical, organized, orderly, and evolving fire situation size-up. If not followed, chaos can follow. 

Repeat Your Transmission, Please


FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at understanding what the troops are telling you. 

Taking the Final Exam


Ronny J. Coleman looks the correlation between a lack of educational focus and America’s fire record. 

An Unobstructed Path


FireRescue’s editor-in-chief examines creating an unobstructed path. 

Do You Own or Rent the Job?


Rick Lasky discusses the members of the fire service who put everything they are in to the fire service and truly own their calling—and those who don’t. 


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