Fire Prevention and Education

Is Big Data Analytics The Secret To Successful Fire Fighting?

01/13/2017 Fire services, like most other public bodies, are awash with data. This data comes from sensors on equipment and fire engines and should be collected, integrated and used more effectively to give fire fighters (and the public) the information they need in real time.

Hero to Guardian


Jim Crawford shares the story of one community servant who found value beyond "the save."

Alabama Fire Prevention


State chiefs work to reduce fire risk and deaths

Oakland Tragedy Highlights Knowing Ways Out


Valuable message and resources from Campus Fire Watch that everyone needs to know and share.

Sound Off


Jim Crawford looks at a grade school prevention program called "Sound Off," which specializes in smoke alarm homework assignments.

MGM Grand Hotel Fire Anniversary


Read the reports on what led up to this deadly fire and how firefighters responded

Rental Property


Jim Crawford looks at the challenges for prevention programs in rental properties.

Smoke Alarms


Jim Crawford looks at smoke alarm issues, highlighting problems with nuisance alarms and discussing photoelectric and multicriteria alarms as solutions.


08/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts of Rochester, NY, to move forward with CRR efforts and concepts despite tough economic times.

Updating NFIRS

07/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at strategies for obtaining, analyzing, and using accurate data.

Mesa Community Paramedicine

06/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts made in Mesa, Arizona, to create a specialized response unit that reduces patient visits to the emergency room. So where does the fire service fit in?

The Pit Crew

05/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts that have been made by the Spokane Valley (WA) Fire Department to greatly improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

Global Risk Reduction

04/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at community risk reduction best practices from the UK and the U.S. and an upcoming panel discussion on that topic for the Congressional Fire Services Institute in May.

Risk Reduction in Tennessee

03/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at community risk reduction in action in Tennessee—a statewide effort that is producing amazing results.

Risk-Based Inspections

02/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at inspection prioritization for code compliance programs. How do we pick which buildings to inspect and how often?

CRR Measurement

01/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at each of the service areas that comprise CRR strategies: emergency response, engineering, enforcement, and education.

CRR Assessment

12/01/2015 Jim Crawford looks at evaluating community risk reduction programs and the challenges that can pose.

Standard of Cover

11/01/2015 Jim Crawford looks at how to develop a community risk reduction plan and how to conduct a risk assessment.

Risk Assessment and CRR

10/01/2015 Jim Crawford looks at risk basement in community risk reduction programs.

Public Information Officers

09/01/2015 Jim Crawford looks at effective relationship building with the media for CRR purposes.


Volume 12, Issue 1

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