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O2X Human Performance


The O2X Human Performance team shares how their Eat Sweat Thrive program helps build healthier and safer communities and is saving the lives of firefighters.

NIOSH LODD Report: Sudden Cardiac Death Claims Michigan Sergeant


49-year old firefighter was found unresponsive in the bunkroom after being sick the night before.

My Story


Donna Luce-MacDonald shares her journey back from cancer. 

Resistance Bands


Jordan Ponder looks at firefighter functional movement training.

NIOSH LODD Report: Heart Attack Claims Wildland Supervisor after Training


Investigators conclude that the exertion of the training precipitated the heart attack

NIOSH LODD Report: Cardiac Event Claims New York Firefighter


Physical stress of responding to and participating in fire suppression activities at the structure fire triggered a heart attack after this 2015 fire.

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service


USFA and NVFC highlight issues related to health and safety

NIOSH LODD Report: D.C. Apartment Fire

NIOSH LODD Report: D.C. Apartment Fire


Prior to the fire the lieutenant was not known to have coronary heart disease.

Fire Editor 360: Dodge Ball, Update


Our thoughts on fun, fitness and being serious about your health and training

NIOSH LODD Report: Montana Safety Officer Sudden Death


The death certificate, completed by the county deputy coroner, listed “multi-drug toxicity” as the cause of death.

Firefighter Fatalities


An examination of the latest information from the NFPA regarding on-duty firefighter fatalities.

Transforming Your Health!

09/01/2016 Jordan Ponder looks at ways to transform your health.

Breathing On Borrowed Time

08/01/2016 Find out your VO2 max to ensure that you are able to perform when need is greatest.

The Evil Twins


Griff Mason examines the threat that the evil twins—HCN and CO—pose to firefighters.

Creating the Illinois Fire Fighter Peer Support Team

08/01/2016 Matt Olson shares his personal story and what led him to help in the creation of the ILFFPS

Should You Stay Home?

07/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at how people who go to work when they should be at home can have a negative impact in the workplace.

The Warriors...By the Thousands

07/01/2016 Nozzlehead looks at the continuing threat cancer poses to the fire service.

Making an Impact

06/01/2016 Erich Roden speaks to Commissioner Joe Finn about the numerous changes being made to the Boston Fire Department.

Disrupted Sleep and Safety on Scene

06/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at the impact that shift work has on firefighter health and safety and provides strategies for overcoming those risks.

Turtle Treks by a Mindful Medic

06/01/2016 A 40-year first responder shares his story of his post-traumatic stress injury related to the job.


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