Engine Company Operations

Virginia Significant Injury Report


Details from Loudoun County fire that injured seven firefighters, six significantly. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies in Structure Fire


Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

Science for Dummies Like Me, Part 3


In part 3 of this series, David Rhodes looks at the simple solution of using water for extinguishment. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Boston Back Bay Fire Tragedy


Wind driven fire claims two firefighters on March 26, 2016.


Water Mapping with UL


UL continues their work on the Fire Attack Study with development of visual aids to assist future online training.

On-Duty Deaths and Advancing Hoselines in 2016


A closer look at reported firefighter fatality on the hoseline data.

The Week’s After Action Review


Fire extension to the structure has taken-hold and is spreading via the concealed space.

Review: NIST Study of Hose Streams and Air Flows


Seven experimental series with over 100 configurations using two structures reveal the impact of hose stream patterns and nozzle movements on air flow inside structures.

September 1916 Fires

09/01/2016 Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in September 1916.

Fighting Fire on the Roof


Greg Jakubowski looks at commercial building metal deck roof fires.

Roll-Down Security Gates, Part 3


Paul DeBartolomeo looks at cutting-roll down gates in part three of this three part series.

Beyond “Normal”

08/01/2016 Nozzlehead looks at single-family dwelling tactics on non-single-family dwelling fires.

The Design of the High-Rise Handline

07/01/2016 Paul Shapiro provides guidance for selecting the right size handline for a high-rise fire.

High Rise, Big Water, Part 2

06/02/2016 Paul Shapiro continues his examination of high-flow tandem pump operations for high-rise fire protection systems.

Engine Operations: Locating the Fire

06/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer strategies for identifying the location and extent of a fire.

High Rise, Big Water, Part 1

05/01/2016 Paul Shapiro looks at high-flow tandem pump operations for high-rise fire protection systems.

May 1916 Fires

05/01/2016 Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in May 1916.

First Due Response to Auto Accidents

05/01/2016 Greg Jakubowski looks at companies that are first due on extrications—what to do and how to get started.

A Small Line with a Big Punch

04/01/2016 Paul Shapiro looks at the large flow handline flow concept with a different twist to it - using 1¾-inch high-performance attack hose for the high flow handline for the purpose of making this big hit line easier to deploy.

Engine Operations in Multiple Dwellings

04/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer tactics for conducting engine company operations in multiple dwellings on fire.


Volume 12, Issue 9

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