Pittsburgh, Ross Avenue Bailout Report

Pittsburg Bureau of Fire, Injury Investigation Committee
1007 Ross Avenue (department photo)

On January 1st, 2016 seven members of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire were injured while battling a 3 alarm residential structure fire.  The following pages will describe the relative findings that contributed to the incident that cold January morning. That day, four PBF members were forced to bailout of two separate windows on the second floor and a fifth firefighter from a window on the 3rd floor.  The injuries to these members were severe, both mentally and physically.  While we were fortunate to not lose firefighters on Ross Avenue that morning, there are injuries and scars that will never go away.  

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1007 Ross Avenue, Three-Alarm Residential Structure Fire, 1 January 2016

In the days following this tragic event, Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire Chief Darryl Jones, in a collaborative effort with Pittsburgh Firefighters Local 1, initiated and formed a committee to review the incident’s events.  The purpose of the inquiry was to find out what had happened at the Ross Avenue incident and recommend steps to avoid similar occurrences in the future.

The committee was able to compile and review information from multiple agencies.  The responding units were identified and the personnel working were interviewed to gather further perspective.  Computer aided dispatch information, coupled with recorded radio traffic, was evaluated to assist in timeline establishment.  Media in the form of pictures, video, and news agency film was also used in pinpointing the locations of responding personnel, building and fire behavior, and additional timeline validation.  All resources were exhausted with a mission to avoid similar issues in the future.

This document will describe in detail the events that unfolded at Ross Avenue.  At no point was the committee looking to fault a particular individual or unit.  It is the responsibility of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Fire and this committee to educate it’s members on that day’s events along with providing possible solutions or recommendations for improvement.  This was done so with accuracy and a sense of duty so that all members may perform “To the best of our ability.”


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