2013 Boston Marathon Bombings After Action Report

City of Boston, Office of Emergency Management
In this April 15, 2013 file photo, Boston Firefighter James Plourde carries Victoria McGrath from the scene after a bombing near the Boston Marathon finish line. (AP Photo/MetroWest Daily News, Ken McGagh, File)

The After Action Report for the Response to the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings reflects the findings of an after action review of response and recovery activities of public safety, public health, and medical personnel related to the April 15 bombings, the care and support of those impacted by the events in the following days, and the search and apprehension of the bombing suspects. The after action review was coordinated by a multi-disciplinary, multi-jurisdictional project management team consisting of key organizations involved in response activities, with the support of a private sector, third-party vendor.

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This report details best practices, lessons learned and recommendations for the purpose of assisting public safety, public health, and medical personnel involved in the response in further developing actions that went well, and taking corrective measures to address areas needing improvement. The majority of these agencies and organizations implemented a number of the recommendations identified in this report prior to the 2014 Boston Marathon.

In addition to providing assistance to response agencies and organizations, the best practices and lessons learned identified through this after action process can hopefully provide insight to other agencies, jurisdictions and organizations across the nation and assist them in better preparing for potential incidents in the future

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