Table of Contents

Fire Rescue

Volume 13, Issue 1
  • Departments

    • From the Editor

    • ToolsNewsTechniques

      • Ghosts

        How to handle the ghosts from fire calls past for better mental health.

    • Nozzlehead

    • Apparatus Ideas

      • Tender 30

        Bob Vaccaro looks at the helicopter tender delivered to the Honolulu Fire Department. 

    • Wildland Urban Interface

      • Full Alignment

        Seth Barker looks at how, when weather, topography, and fuel are working in each other’s favor, there is full alignment.

    • Hump Day S.O.S.

      • Bruno and the Kid

        Remembering the author’s first experience with Alan Brunacini and lessons learned circa the 1980s-1990s. Why in the world would he be interested in you or me?

    • From the Chief's Desk

      • Firehouse Lawyers

        Ronny J. Coleman looks at legal concepts as they pertain to the fire service. 

    • Construction Under Fire

      • Mass Over Math

        The use of engineering principles to reduce the size and weight of structural members has overall contributed to diminished working times for firefighters inside or on top of a building once the structural components have been compromised by fire.

    • The Backstep

    • Details Matter

      • Close the Door

        P.J. Norwood and Sean Gray examine the impact of ventilation on victim and firefighter survivability.

    • Firefighter Cancer Support Network

      • Invisible Enemy

        FCSN’s Keith Tyson examines the increasing rate of cancer in firefighters and offers strategies to reduce firefighters’ exposure to carcinogens.

    • Company Near Miss Review

      • Being Volunteer Ready

        Greg Lindsay examines an event involving volunteer firefighters and driving near miss. 

    • High-Rise Operations

      • Call for Help!

        David McGrail looks at the need to establish mutual-aid agreements with neighboring departments and call for help early. 

    • Straight Talk

    • Pride and Ownership

      • Do You Own or Rent the Job?

        Rick Lasky discusses the members of the fire service who put everything they are in to the fire service and truly own their calling—and those who don’t. 

    • I-Women

    • Old School Rules

      • Pick a Door, Either Door

        The right door will take more time, energy, and effort to go through to resolve problems. However, if it’s the right door, take it and don’t look back. 

    • Urban Essentials

      • How Much Hose?

        Ray McCormack looks at strategies for estimating the correct minimums of hose required to reach the fire.

    • Distant Fires

      • January 1918 Fires

        Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in January 1918. 

    • Barn Boss Leadership

    • Leaders Are Readers

    • Thermal Imaging

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