Table of Contents

Fire Rescue

Volume 13, Issue 5
  • Departments

    • From the Editor

      • Punching Clocks
        FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at the necessity of putting in the time and making the effort while on the clock.
    • ToolsNewsTechniques

      • The Kindness of Strangers

        Michael W. Michelsen, Jr., shares the story of a Cub Scout who had his fundraising money stolen—and the firefighters who helped him get something more back.

    • Nozzlehead

    • Apparatus Ideas

    • Wildland Urban Interface

      • Do the Right Thing!
        Seth Barker looks at how “doing the right thing” means addressing issues that pose the biggest threat to our customers.
    • Company Near Miss Review

      • Out on the Edge
        Greg Lindsay looks at report that details the activities at a motor vehicle collision.
    • Old School Rules

      • Take the Time
        Dennis L. Rubin examines the need to always take the time to conduct a 360-degree view (reconnaissance) before deliberately placing our most important resource (our members) into harm’s way.
    • I-Women

    • Fire Attack

      • Taking a Chance
        Greg Jakubowski speaks to two people who have experienced the impact of true fireground risk. He examines the training and leadership necessary to keep firefighters safe.
    • Incident Safety Officer

      • Who and What?
        Rich Marinucci examines the questions that organizations will need to answer to successfully implement an ISO.
    • Politics and Tactics

      • You Swore an Oath
        Frank Ricci and David Shestokas examine the oaths that are sworn in the United States by the people who vow to protect it and its people.
    • Barn Boss Leadership

    • Distant Fires

      • May 1918 Fires
        Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in May 1918.
    • Management and Admin

      • Transforming the Fire Service
        The three Baltic states have intensified efforts to modernize their fire services and acquire additional vehicles and equipment for their firefighters amid increased security concerns in Eastern Europe.
    • Leaders Are Readers

    • Thermal Imaging

    • Community Risk Reduction

      • Fire and Guns
        Jim Crawford looks at mass casualty shooting incidents and the challenges first responders face when it comes to the possibility of fire alarms being pulled for a reason other than fire.
    • The Backstep

      • Don’t Pick Up the Rope
        Matt Tobia looks at how the challenges of dealing with emotional issues necessitates maturity and self-control, something that can be challenging in a service filled with intense emotions.
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