E-ONE introduces innovations and a new offering

E-ONE Titan 4 × 4 built for the Ocala (FL) International Airport. (Photos by E-ONE.)

E-ONE Titan 4 × 4 built for the Ocala (FL) International Airport. (Photos by E-ONE.)

The aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) area of the fire apparatus industry has really expanded with a great deal of new offerings in the past several years. E-ONE is the latest manufacturer to announce new innovations and a new offering for the ARFF segment of the fire service.

Design Project

According to Matt Reda, international ARFF product manager for E-ONE, “The company embarked on a design project approximately two years ago to design a new vehicle. One of the driving forces was the ever-changing engine requirements from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This gave us an opportunity to look to change our previous overall designs to better accommodate a new engine and meet current EPA standards and to design a better maintenance accessible engine compartment.”

Large rear swingout doors provide easy maintenance access.

Large rear swingout doors provide easy maintenance access.

“Our design group traveled to Interschutz in Germany to look at some European designs to gain better knowledge of what is currently being used overseas,” Reda continues. “We didn’t want to limit ourselves to designing an ARFF vehicle that would only be of interest to domestic fire departments in the United States.

“We also wanted to expand compartmentation on the vehicle and have a larger pump capacity than our competitors. We also have our EcoLogic™ system onboard, and it is also available with a mobile cart. This promotes not having to flow foam on the ground when testing and is environmentally friendly.”

E-ONE TITANTM 4 × 4 specs


• Extruded aluminum roll cage cab design featuring an ergonomic layout of all firefighting and operational functions.

• 6,000-liter (1,585-gallon) polypropylene water tank and 852-liter (225-gallon) polypropylene foam tank.

• Featuring a lifetime warranty.

• FRC AutoFoam ATP foam proportioning system.

• Hale 3,000-gpm pump.

• Standard disc brakes offer unsurpassed performance, exceeding Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS 121).

• Stainless-steel plumbing.

• Enclosed pump module allows for the most efficient flow characteristics and ease of service and maintenance.

• Unsurpassed equipment storage space with four compartments located on each side.

• State-of-the-art Weldon™ V-MUX multiplex electrical system for superior reliability and ease of maintenance.

• Multiple hose reel and preconnected handline configurations available.


• High Reach Extendable Turret (HRET) up to 16.5-m (54.13386-ft.) elevation.

• Auxiliary hydraulic power units up to 10kW @ 240V.

• Dry chemical systems up to 250 kgs. (500 lbs.).

• Akrochem™ turret nozzles for greater reach and penetration.

• Patented EcoLogic™ integrated foam testing system for accurate testing of foam percentage.

• DEVS and FLIR® camera packages for limited visibility conditions.

• Rhino® II high-volume low-attack bumper turret.

• Winterization system for –40oF/C extreme climates.

• Light towers and scene/quartz lighting options for night operations.

• Water/foam and/or complementary agent hose reels mounted behind the cab for rapid deployment.

Vehicle Improvements

“The cab is aluminum reinforced, and the whole vehicle was designed with sharp edges instead of rounded edges to offer better cab visibility looking straight out in front of the cab and has better sight lines when the driver is using the roof turret and bumper turret,” Reda says. “The cab can also hold four firefighters if needed when responding.

“The vehicle was also designed with a wider track, which makes for better stability and ride quality. We installed two rear swingout doors for ground level maintenance access and a large top door for access to engine and drivetrain.”

The 4 × 4 also has a transverse compartment behind the cab and a small functional pump panel.

“The new TITAN™ 4 × 4 is truly an amazing work, combining performance with robust firefighting systems in a revolutionary design not often seen on vehicles of this size,” Reda says. “The anticipation and customer response has already resulted in new orders. E-ONE is very proud of the teamwork and commitment that drove this project from recognition of worldwide customer demands to engineering conceptual designs and daily interaction with the program team. We are confident that the new vehicle offers technologies and functionality that, moving forward, will raise the expectations of buyers across the globe in the ARFF market sector.”

Vehicle Specs

The E-ONE TITAN™ 4 × 4 provides more of the following:

Power with an available industry leading 770-hp engine, providing 2,215 foot pounds of torque for greater acceleration.

Control with a variable rate coil spring v-link suspension and 17-inch disc brakes as standard, coupled with dual calipers on each front wheel end.

Storage with an unmatched total of 360 cubic feet including a full transverse compartment.

Knockdown with a 3,000-gpm pump, electronic foam proportioning with a patented ECOLOGIC® calibration system, and multiple high-flow turret configurations including the low-attack high-flow RHINO® bumper turret.

Payload capacity with 1,585 gallons of water, 225 gallons of foam, and 500 pounds of auxiliary agent.

Serviceability with a redesigned rear body providing ground level maintenance access from either side of the vehicle as well as from the spacious top deck.

Options with the TITAN™ 4 × 4 EXT, an industry leading 54-foot-high-reach extendable turret (HRET).

Above: A small simple pump panel. Below: Side view showing large compartments.

Above: A small simple pump panel.

Below: Side view showing large compartments.

Above: A small simple pump panel. Below: Side view showing large compartments.

More for Customers

With a core focus on safety, performance, functional design, and the ultimate goal of delivering product that allows customers a more advanced way to respond, the TITAN™ provides more than ever before.

The new design should provide E-ONE with a formidable amount of new sales in the ARFF market segment for some time to come. The first unit was delivered to the Ocala International Airport with nine more international sales to start. A 6 × 6 unit is also in the works for more foam and water capabilities should an airport fire department require one for its use.

Fire departments with ARFF responsibilities not only in the United States but overseas as well have more choices when it comes to designing a new vehicle for airport responses.

While Federal Aviation Administration requirements dictate the number and size of vehicles based on their airport index system, E-ONE has made it a lot easier to decide on a new purchase when it comes time to update equipment.

By Bob Vaccaro

Bob Vaccaro has more than 40 years of fire service experience. He is a former chief of the Deer Park (NY) Fire Department. Vaccaro has also worked for the Insurance Services Office, the New York Fire Patrol, and several major commercial insurance companies as a senior loss-control consultant. He is a life member of the IAFC.

To read more from Bob Vaccaro, visit www.firefighternation.com/author/bob-vaccaro.

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