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Fire Rescue

Volume 13, Issue 7
  • Departments

    • Thermal Imaging

      • In the News

        Carl Nix examines how to use the thermal imaging camera to avoid coming back to the fire scene to extinguish a reignited fire.


    • Construction Under Fire

      • Fire Escapes

        There are a number of hazards associated with fire department personnel using fire escapes during a fire, with the largest contributor being the sheer age of the buildings and the lack of maintenance of the components.

    • Community Risk Reduction

      • Change 4 Change

        High school students can be engaged in safety efforts in a creative way that just might save a life one day.

    • Barn Boss Leadership

    • Urban Essentials

      • Tactical Safety for Firefighters: Windows Are Not Doors

        When it comes to fire attack many are looking to utilizing a window to apply their stream, this exterior attack is the first half of what is referred to as transitional fire attack. When a stream is operated from outside the structure through a window or door it is restricted.

      • Don't Clog Up Your Toolbox

        Many may just keep adding because they fear being questioned about their choices, so it's easier just to add it and forget it.

    • ToolsNewsTech

      • The Secret to a Better Training Isn’t What You Think

        Perhaps all this training isn’t what is making you more effective. What if there is something beyond more training exercises and lectures that makes you a better firefighter?

      • Your Relationship with Death

        Everyone dies. First responders see a lot of deaths and near-death experiences on the job. Many people fear death. But, what if fear of death is what is holding so many people back from truly living? 

    • Nozzlehead

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