Author Guidelines


FireRescue eaches fire chiefs, company officers, and firefighters with content that is "Devoted to the interests of firefighters worldwide" and gives fire-rescue professionals the education they want and need. 

What We’re Looking For

We’re looking for authors who have valuable educational tactics, techniques, theories, and strategies to share. We don’t require our authors to be "big names" or to have previous publishing experience or to be born writers. We do require passion about and knowledge in the subject matter and the willingness to work with us throughout the editorial process.

We look for articles that are practical and specific. Examples: "Responding to Hazmat Incidents" is too broad of a topic and cannot be addressed with any sort of practicality in one article. "Methods for Defeating 5 Common Types of Commercial Doors," on the other hand, promises to deliver information that can be used immediately in the field.

If you know someone who might be interested in writing, encourage them to take a look at our editorial calendar, available online, to determine some of the upcoming topics. Keep in mind that we plan issues 4-6 months in advance; however, don’t let the editorial calendar limit you. Additional opportunities may be available in other formats, such as online articles, video, Webcasts, etc. The most important thing is that you write what you know about and are passionate about.

Word Length

We ask that articles be 1500 words at the minimum. We do not have a word maximum.


We encourage submitters to include photos with their stories. We are a photo-intensive magazine and we use photos as a way to educate the reader. All photos must depict safe practices. Don’t embed photos in the Word doc; send them separately. If you don’t have photos for an article, suggest photo ideas at the end of your article.

Submission Process

E-mail the senior editor, including your name, complete contact information, and a short bio that details your qualifications in the subject matter. Attach the Word doc and photos (jpegs) to the e-mail. If you have a large number of photos to send, indicate that in your e-mail and the editors will contact you with simple instructions on how to upload the photos to our ftp client.

Allow approximately 3 weeks for us to review your manuscript and get back to you about acceptance; however, if you do not receive a confirmation of your submission within a few days, follow up with the senior editor.

Kindra Sclar
Senior Editor, FireRescue






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