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You Can be the Girl or One of the Guys


We can’t demand equality then expect the respect.

The Little Things That Matter


If we pay attention to things that don’t seem like a big deal, when it comes time, the “big deal” things will come naturally.

The Leadership Tetrahedron


Leadership is a learned behavior that you must want to engage in.

Be Better, Brother


Several takeaways from February to help our operations, administration, and attitude.

Spreading Our Wings: Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy for the American Fire Service One Department at a Time


A knowledgeable, involved citizen is always a fire department’s best “customer.” But the responsibility to create this kind of support is up to each of us, not just our department. 

The Power of Using Stories When Instructing


Students develop a sense of ownership in the story as they feel the emotions the story evokes.

Always and Never


Once we question someone about why they do it differently, we begin to understand them better.  We may not change each other’s views, but we can respect one another better because of that understanding.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Hospital Response Case Study


A consolidation of events, actions taken, lessons learned, observations and hospital experiences.

Barn Boss Leadership: The Power of Influence


People want to be a part of something great; create that environment for them.

Leaders Are Readers: Neptune’s Inferno


Technology helps make firefighters safe, but officers and chiefs must know how to use it and understand the information it's giving.

Who Wants to be a Fire Officer?


his lawsuit issue is an excellent opportunity to take a close look at your policies.

2019: You Do You


You are neither a cowboy or a coward.  You are a firefighter.  That’s all those who you work with and your citizens expect of you. 

Unprepared and Overwhelmed


Local officials (including school boards and law enforcement) must look at each of the points in the report and determine where your community schools fit in and make the changes as applicable. 

Diversity 9-1-1: Action Required


Knowing more about the life experience and personal background of the firefighter riding in the jump seat behind you could mean the difference in how you approach and handle your next call for service. 

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters and Children Killed in Iowa Fire


On December 22, 1999, a 49-year-old Shift Commander and two Engine Operators, 39 and 29 years of age respectively, lost their lives while performing search-and-rescue operations at a residential structure fire. 

Barn Boss Leadership: The Dirty Secrets of Leading


To lead our men and women, our departments create promotional processes to seek out those among us who are the most technically competent individuals. These individuals must be capable of motivation and critical decision making and must meet our highest expectation—know your job. 

Servant Leadership? But I am the Boss!


If the men and women under your command, as well as your fellow officers, participated in a 360-degree survey about you as a leader and manager, what would they say?

Changes in Russian Fire Safety, Firefighting Procedures


According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, a new system of online monitoring of fire safety will be introduced in all public facilities in Russia shortly.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Firefighter Killed in Strip Mall Blaze


On May 18, 2017, a 31-year-old male career fire fighter died after fire conditions rapidly deteriorated inside a commercial strip mall.

Firefighter 101–Leadership Starts on Day One!



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