Funding Budgets

The Impact of Staffing Reductions

07/28/2012 A reader is looking for ways to influence local politicians about the importance of not reducing department staffing. Nozzlehead stresses that the best way to do so is to lay out the facts—and let them produce the emotions.

Baltimore Fire Apparatus to Carry Advertisements

07/27/2012 It goes without saying nowadays that the economy has weighed heavily on the fire service, so much so that some departments have had to get extremely creative about finding ways to generate funds. Jane Jerrard talks with the Baltimore Fire Department as well as a Baltimore city councilman about the city’s controversial plan to place paid advertisements on apparatus as a means to generate funds.

Pierce Builds Two Unique Vehicles for Broward County, Fla.

07/16/2012 Broward County is a unique department in many respects, operating under the auspices of the Broward Sheriff’s Office. And its apparatus needs are unique as well, as demonstrated by two recent purchases.

Apparatus Trends in 2012 and Beyond

06/05/2012 Despite economic challenges affecting municipalities across the country, apparatus manufacturers are continuing to innovate, striving to meet the changing needs of the fire service. Bob Vaccaro profiles some of the recent and future trends.

Balancing the Needs of Strategic Management and Service Delivery

05/29/2012 To compete successfully for public funds, today’s fire service officers must focus on planning, governance and performance management. But strategic planning is only effective when it supports service delivery.

In Volusia County, Pumper/Ambulances Reduce Costs, Enhance Service

05/16/2012 When Chief Joe Pozzo took over the Volusia County (Fla.) Department of Public Protection, he was given a mandate to cut costs while preserving service levels. With the department’s new pumper/ambulances, he believes he’s found the answer.

Nozzlehead Tackles the Pension Controversy

05/12/2012 When a reader writers to Nozzlehead about firefighters who are allegedly abusing the pension system, making everyone in the fire service look bad, Nozzlehead explains why we can’t jump to conclusions about these firefighters—and why it’s crucial that the fire service communicate the facts about pension systems to the public.

A Customized Heavy-Rescue for a Unique Rescue Squad

05/01/2012 Volunteer rescue squads are some of the most advanced response units providing fire, EMS and rescue response. As such, their apparatus must also be highly customized. Bob Vaccaro profiles the Bethesda Chevy Chase Rescue Squad’s new heavy-rescue unit.

Fire Service Managers Need Courage and Creativity

05/01/2012 Economic challenges aren’t improving and many communities are calling for more sacrifice from public services. Jim Crawford suggests that fire management must be creative and courageous when confronting the demands of the public and the needs of their peers.

Taking Care of Our People, Part 2

05/01/2012 Taking care of your people can mean many different things, but as Ray Gayk explains, in the fire service it involves four key items. Ray discusses two of those items, future focus and responsibility, and provides advice on how to accomplish both of them the right away.

Santa Ana Fire Department Consolidation

05/01/2012 Jane Jerrard reports on the closure of the 128-year-old Santa Ana (Calif.) Fire Department, and its consolidation with the Orange County Fire Authority. She also discusses the importance for other departments to consider consolidation when budgetary issues arise.

Public Perception of the Fire Service

04/28/2012 The public’s perception of the fire service is crucial to the fire service’s survival. But many people aren’t aware of just how much firefighters do in a day and/or as part of their job. Stephen Marsar explains how to overcome negative public perception, and how to get out into the community to educate the public about the many responsibilities of their local fire department.

Think Creatively When Determining Apparatus Replacement

04/01/2012 Sometimes, the most cost-effective option isn’t always the most obvious one. The Deer Park (N.Y.) Fire Department left a 20-year-old apparatus in service and traded in a 10-year-old apparatus to help fund the cost of a new squad pumper.

Challenging Conventional Fireground Wisdom

04/01/2012 The fire service is rich in tradition, but sometimes that tradition can impede our willingness to embrace new technologies or tools. Editor-in-Chief Tim Sendelbach explains why such challenges must come from within the profession, rather than waiting for those from without to do so.

Elevating the Debate Over Firefighter Staffing, Pensions and Paychecks

03/31/2012 In these tough economic times, firefighters have often felt like their benefits, their paychecks and their very positions are under attack by politicians focused on cutting costs. Chief Matt Tobia argues that things will get better, and that firefighters must resist the temptation to use emotional arguments in the benefits and staffing debate.

Taking Care of Our People

03/01/2012 Ray Gayk discusses the fact that sometimes, company officers have a distorted view of how to properly care for their crew. At times, it means making difficult decisions that their crew may not agree with. Gayk also discusses the elements involved in properly caring for and leading a team.

Incorporating Volunteers into Search and Rescue

03/01/2012 Fire departments are often called to assist in missing person, large-animal rescue and weather-related responses. But departments that are short on funding may lack resources to adequately respond to these calls. Tim Bonno and Paul Ross report on a volunteer approach to search and rescue that has proven successful for the Eureka (Mo.) Fire Protection District.

Company Officer Leadership Must-Haves

02/01/2012 Stephen Marsar discusses the challenges of being a company officer and offers a list of important items every company officer must keep in mind if they want to succeed, both on the fireground and off.

The Need for Contextual Perspective in the Fire Service

02/01/2012 Despite years of progress, the fire service continues to battle for status as a “profession.” Kevin Milan argues that this is in part because our personnel tend to focus on the 5% of our operations—fire response—rather than the things we do the other 95% of our time.

Comox Fire Department’s New Rescue Pumper

01/01/2012 Bob Vaccaro profiles the Comox Fire Department’s new rescue pumper, built by HUB Fire Apparatus on a Spartan Metro Star chassis.


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