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How to Be a Leader

06/01/2014 Leaders may be born or built, but they all display a certain set of behaviors and beliefs that help achieve success.

Fire Department PR


Stephen Coleman discusses the topic of fire department PR, why departments need good PR, and how to develop it in your community.

Gear Test: Tablet Command

05/01/2014 Van Riviere reviews Simple Tracks’ Tablet Command to see if technology can enhance tactical worksheets and command boards.

How Social Media Is Changing Incident Command


When large incidents happen, most fire departments are used to mitigating them first, then establishing a public information role to inform the public. In this article, Bill Boyd argues that such a response is no longer effective when the public expects instant information via Twitter and other social media resources. He explains how ICs can and must integrate social media into response plans.

Communication & Personnel Accountability for ICs

10/26/2013 In this Near Miss Report, Deputy Chief John B. Tippett Jr. examines communication breakdowns and the role of personnel accountability for ICs.


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