More Incident Command

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Hospital Response Case Study


A consolidation of events, actions taken, lessons learned, observations and hospital experiences.

Who Wants to be a Fire Officer?


his lawsuit issue is an excellent opportunity to take a close look at your policies.

Verizon Games, Russia, & Firefighters' Alternative


Sending an email, a telegram, a quick postcard, pony express, waving hands frantically etc. aren't conducive to fireground operations.

Bruno and the Kid


Remembering the author’s first experience with Alan Brunacini and lessons learned circa the 1980s-1990s. Why in the world would he be interested in you or me?

You Bet We're Aggressive


What does aggressive mean? A look at the different uses and interpretations of the word aggressive in fireground tactics.

Incident Command


Jason Hoevelmann examines strategies for finding success on and off the fireground.  

NIOSH LODD Report: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies in Structure Fire


Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion


2013 blast killed 9 volunteer firefighters and injured an off-duty captain.

NIOSH LODD Report: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire


2008 fire was the first LODD in the department’s 41-year history.

2013 Boston Marathon Bombings After Action Report


Lessons learned and best practices from various agencies involved in responding to the terror bombings.

Technology Assist: Drone at Oklahoma House Fire


Nichols Hills house fire highlights advantage of drone use on the fireground

Organizational and Individual Morale


David Rhodes looks at what it takes to encourage good morale in the fire service.

“Saving Lives”


Is being well-trained and mission-focused enough to ensure success on the emergency incident scene?

In Command and Out of Control

07/01/2016 There comes a time in your career as you move up in rank that you can no longer do everything yourself.

Prioritizing and Managing Hazards

06/01/2016 Dave Donohue examines the ways that safety officers should be familiar with various methods for identifying and classifying risk, prioritizing hazards, and ensuring that hazard mitigation is addressed as part of a comprehensive safety process.

Does this Plywood Make Me Look Vacant?

05/01/2016 In the urban environment, boarded-up windows are not an excuse for a passive approach. A smart, aggressive fire attack and search are required to ensure we live up to our American duty.

Risk Management Models

04/01/2016 David F. Peterson looks at a real-life incident that applied a risk management model and saved a life.


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