Professional Development

Effects of Administrative Betrayal in the Fire Service


Betrayal is compounded on several levels that affect the firefighter when faced with administrative betrayal. 

The Secret to a Better Training Isn’t What You Think


Perhaps all this training isn’t what is making you more effective. What if there is something beyond more training exercises and lectures that makes you a better firefighter?

Staying Smart in the Front Seat

07/16/2018 Stephen Marsar looks at why nonessential talk must cease during emergency responses.

You Swore an Oath

06/06/2018 Frank Ricci and David Shestokas examine the oaths that are sworn in the United States by the people who vow to protect it and its people.

Focusing on Objectives

05/15/2018 For a company officer, multitasking is a requirement, not just an art. Pulling up to a working fire with victims trapped takes that art form to an entirely new level.

Want to Promote? Check Your Baggage!

05/08/2018 Anthony Kastros looks at the impact that unchecked baggage can have on promotion.



Introducing women to the fire service.

Assessment Centers


Anthony Kastros introduces his column on assessment centers and how to prepare for the job you want.

N.F.L. (No Formal Leadership)


Stephen Marsar examines the difficulties of making decisions in the fire service.

Book Report: The Immortal Irishman


Michael Dugan shares his thoughts on Timothy Egan’s book.

Winning and Losing vs. Experience


Do you seek challenges or avoid them? Whether you choose to avoid or engage in a battle, the outcome can influence department culture and environment.

Organization Transformational Leadership


Reginald D. Freeman looks at strategies for making critical decisions that impact the fire service’s climate and culture.

Thanks, But No Thanks


Matt Tobia looks at what to do after being passed over for a promotion

Virginia Assistant Chief, FireRescue Magazine Contributor, Gains Chief Fire Officer Credential


Loudoun County Assistant Chief Matthew Tobia completes professional credentialing process.

Blah, Blah, Blah...


Stephen Marsar looks at how to make your point when you don't have a speaking part.

Navigating Toward Career Advancement


Candice McDonald provides some life standard operating guidelines to assist in advancement - both on and off the job. 

Instincts Over Feelings


Stephen Marsar looks at the ways experience can improve following your instincts.

Guiding Principles for Leaders


Joseph Knitter looks at how leadership is easy - being a leader is the hard part. 

"Small Hands" Fire


Stephen Marsar looks at those high-frequency, low-risk fires that allow complacency to fester. 

Two Long, One Short, One Long


Stephen Marsar shares random thoughts on air horn use. 


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