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Spartan Refurbishment Centers have a commitment to excellence

Spartan Motors Debuts Fire Apparatus Refurbishment Centers

FDIC International 2017: Insights on Arson Research from the ATF

A Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) instructor team reviewed the results the ATF’s fire research on Fire Attack Hoseline Thermal Failure and Fire Flow Path Thermal Analysis and applied them to several recent case studies, including firefighter line-of-duty deaths (LODDs).

FDIC International 2017: Ryan Pennington on Hoarder Fires

Firefighter safety is one motivator for his research into all aspects of the hoarder home phenomenon, Training Officer Ryan Pennington of the Charleston (WV) Fire Department told workshop attendees.

Cummins Next-Generation X12 Sets New Standards in Performance and Weight Savings for Fire Service

Cummins Inc. (NYSE: CMI) next-generation X12 engine will set new industry standards for performance in fire and emergency apparatus.

VIDEO: Paul Jockimo on Line-of-Duty Death: Commanding the Unthinkable

Somers (NY) Fire District Assistant Chief and first-time FDIC International Instructor Paul Jockimo opened this year's conference with a sobering but practical look at how to proceed in the moments following one of the most painful scenarios fire departments may face.

Live from FDIC, Day 1: Command Post, Larry Conley, and Tap the Box

We're broadcasting live every day from the Indianapolis Convention Center during the week of FDIC International 2017! Today's hangout features Anthony Kastros and Ed Hadfield (of the "Command Post" show), Larry Conley, and Bill Greenwood (of "Tap the Box.")

FDIC Instructors: Must-Share Moments, Part 2

Mary Jane Dittmar asked some of our FDIC International instructors about events or incidents that they simply had to share at this year's conference. See what some of them had to say.

FDIC Instructors: Must-Share Moments 1

Fire Engineering Senior Editor Mary Jane Dittmar posed this question to some of our FDIC International instructors. During the past year, was there an event, an occurrence, or a bit of knowledge you came across that moved you to think, “Wow! I must remember to include that in my FDIC class or workshop this year?” See what Raul Angulo had to say.

Bronto Skylift to Display 291-Foot-Tall Aerial Platform at FDIC International 2017

Bronto Skylift, the worldwide leader in high level articulated aerial platforms for firefighting, will be displaying a 291 foot tall, articulated aerial platform at FDIC International 2017 n Indianapolis, Indiana April 27 – April 29, 2017.

The Battalion TV: The FDIC Experience

In a new episode of "The Battalion TV," members of the Snyder (NY) Fire Department gear up for their trip to FDIC International 2017 in Indianapolis.

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