FDIC International

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: TNT Rescue

Dave Morgan demonstrates the company's new line of tools and more in this video from FDIC International 2017.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Orafol

Rich McNeely with Orafol discusses some of the products the company had on display at FDIC International 2017.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Ziamatic

Keith Creely is in the Ziamatic booth demonstrating the company's rescue ladder and other products.

FDIC International 2017 Exhibitor Showcase: Groves/Ready Rack

Jesse Moy discusses what Groves/Ready Rack had on display at FDIC International 2017.
Dena Ali teaches Fire Service Suicide Prevention Approach

FDIC International 2017 Class: Firefighter Suicide Prevention Approach

Dena Ali outlined the factors involved in the fire service’s “dark secret”─firefighter suicide─and strategies for detection and prevention. 


Live from FDIC, Day 5

In today's hangout live from FDIC International, our guests include Mike Gagliano and Mike Dugan, the Tailboard Talk crew, Tom Merrill, and Chris Willis.

VIDEO: Susanne Klatt on "LODDs and Safety Standards in the German Fire Service"

On Wednesday, April 26, Essen (Germany) Fire Department Battalion Chief Susanne Klatt arrived at the Indianapolis (IN) Convention Center from the other side of the world to talk to FDIC International students about the differences between the German and U.S. fire services.

Nick Ledin teaching his class Fireground Deconstructed at FDIC International 2017

FDIC International 2017 Class: Fireground Deconstructed

Firefighter/Paramedic Nick Ledin emphasized the importance of listening, keeping an open mind, and critical thinking during his class Fireground Deconstructed Thursday at FDIC International 2017.


US Fire High Velocity Pump

US Fire Pump Brings High Velocity Pump to FDIC International 2017

US Fire Pump has developed the next generation of fire pumps and firefighting systems that bring big water flow to the most extreme fire emergencies.


VIDEO: Globe Invites You to Experience ATHLETIX at FDIC International 2017

Try the new gear for yourself in the virtual reality experience and Globe will make a donation to the Terry Farrell Firefighters Fund in your name.

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