Fire Prevention and Education

Rental Property


Jim Crawford looks at the challenges for prevention programs in rental properties.

Smoke Alarms


Jim Crawford looks at smoke alarm issues, highlighting problems with nuisance alarms and discussing photoelectric and multicriteria alarms as solutions.


08/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts of Rochester, NY, to move forward with CRR efforts and concepts despite tough economic times.

Updating NFIRS

07/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at strategies for obtaining, analyzing, and using accurate data.

Mesa Community Paramedicine

06/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts made in Mesa, Arizona, to create a specialized response unit that reduces patient visits to the emergency room. So where does the fire service fit in?

The Pit Crew

05/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at the efforts that have been made by the Spokane Valley (WA) Fire Department to greatly improve cardiac arrest survival rates.

Risk-Based Inspections

02/01/2016 Jim Crawford looks at inspection prioritization for code compliance programs. How do we pick which buildings to inspect and how often?


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