Fire Prevention and Education

Fire Protection Systems Review


A systems familiarization from Fire Marshal Patrick Nicholson of Kittitas County, Washington, 

The ABCs of Demonstration Drills


The objective is to transfer our skills to a specific building and interact with our community. 

Taking the Fire Incident Rate to Zero


So, the challenge here is not just changing out technology that prevents fires but having that technology accepted by residents and property managers.  

Changes in Russian Fire Safety, Firefighting Procedures


According to the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov, a new system of online monitoring of fire safety will be introduced in all public facilities in Russia shortly.

Taming the Fire Environment: Performance Is in the Flexibility of Codes


Several concerning trends in home safety call for new ways to better manage the increasing danger to both residents and firefighters. 

Kids & Sleepovers? Trust No One


It's all kind uncomfortable but this isn't about you-this is about taking care of these little folks who we decided to bring into this world.

Change 4 Change


High school students can be engaged in safety efforts in a creative way that just might save a life one day.

When 911 Isn’t Enough

08/03/2018 The quality of life follow-up program at Minnetonka Fire is designed to fill this gap by identifying high-risk repeat call individuals and providing them with resources.

Community Relations

08/02/2018 Jim Crawford looks at the often-overlooked effort in CRR: community relations.

Fire and Guns

06/11/2018 Jim Crawford looks at mass casualty shooting incidents and the challenges first responders face when it comes to the possibility of fire alarms being pulled for a reason other than fire.

A Valuable Partnership

05/16/2018 Jim Crawford looks at the possible increase in recycling fires and examines how working with environmental groups can allow the fire service to get out ahead of these potential problems.



Introducing women to the fire service.

A New Educational Strategy


Jim Crawford looks at how virtual reality can teach the public how to survive and prevent fire events. 

Does CRR Really Matter?


Dave Donohue looks at whether community risk reduction really matters.

Building Fire Codes


Jack J. Murphy introduces the Taming the Fire Environment column and examines how fire codes impact fireground safety.

The CRR Planning Process


Jim Crawford looks at the CRR planning process and how the end result can be different depending on local circumstances.

Unfinished Business


Philip Schaenman looks at questions that need to be answered for improved community risk reduction, better budgets, and a safer fire service.

December 1917 Fires


Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in December 1917.

Anaheim CARES Unit


Jim Crawford presents a case study of a medical response vehicle in Anaheim, California, that has measurably reduced risk for the community with changes to the emergency response capabilities. 


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