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Should You Stay Home?

07/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at how people who go to work when they should be at home can have a negative impact in the workplace.

Disrupted Sleep and Safety on Scene

06/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at the impact that shift work has on firefighter health and safety and provides strategies for overcoming those risks.

Making an Impact

06/01/2016 Erich Roden speaks to Commissioner Joe Finn about the numerous changes being made to the Boston Fire Department.

Turtle Treks by a Mindful Medic

06/01/2016 A 40-year first responder shares his story of his post-traumatic stress injury related to the job.

Managing Stress

05/01/2016 Nicola Davies provides a number of stress management techniques that firefighters can use to keep stress from overwhelming them.

50 Dos and Don’ts, Part 5

04/01/2016 Firefighters’ “little black book”: A pocket guide to safety

The Toxic Twins

02/01/2016 Rob Schnepp explores the dangers that are found in fire smoke, namely carbon monoxide and cyanide.

Opening Up About Behavioral Health

11/01/2015 Jeremy Hurd aims to provide a beginning point for firefighters to begin making a change in how their department helps its members avoid triggers that bring on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms and treat those who are suffering from those associated effects.


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