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Developing a Health and Safety Program in a Small Combination Department


The list can go on and on, but the important thing to remember for any young health and safety program is to take small steps.

Reducing Spinal Injuries


You are literally only as strong as your core--specifically, your transverse abdominus and the other lumbar stabilizers it co-contracts with.

Maintaining Mental Health: Resources for Firefighters


It is important for firefighters to recognize that they need to take control of their mental health just as they would their physical health.

NIOSH LODD Report: Georgia Firefighter Suffers Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Station


The 44-year-old female firefighter had complained of burning in her throat.

Compassion Fatigue: Fighting the Battle to Care


We cared when we started this profession. Compassion for others is what drew us into the job. If we truly love the job, we must fight to keep it. We must fight to keep caring.

NIOSH LODD Report: Cardiac Arrest Claims Massachusetts Firefighter


It was a light-recovery day workout, and after one set of three exercises, he suddenly collapsed. 

Healing the Mind and Soul of a Warrior


I preach and teach the warrior mindset to my recruits and how if conditioned right your brain can be the best weapon in your arsenal. I refused to believe that my brain was betraying me.

When Worst-Case Scenario Hits Home


I finally made the toughest call I’ve ever made.  I called the department Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Reducing Injuries: Putting the Effort Where It Counts


Fire departments that are interested in using a proactive risk management strategy should review ways to fully integrate the approach to make firefighters aware of the intent of such efforts. 

Your Relationship with Death


Everyone dies. First responders see a lot of deaths and near-death experiences on the job. Many people fear death. But, what if fear of death is what is holding so many people back from truly living? 

Health and Fitness: Creating the Culture

07/31/2018 Brandon Green examines how the health of the firefighter is a vital piece of the fire service puzzle and should be a focus of proper training in every firehouse in the country.

Fitness and Skills

07/26/2018 David Rhodes examines how firefighter obstacle courses can be designed for both fitness and skill improvement.

NIOSH LODD Report: Illinois Firefighter Suffers Cardiac Arrest after Leaving Firehouse


On February 7, 2017, a 46-year-old male volunteer FF (fire fighter) responded to a motor vehicle accident as the driver of the engine. Upon returning to the fire station after the call, the FF reported to his Chief that he was not feeling well and left the station before other members.

NIOSH LODD Report: Indiana Fire Chief Dies after Heart Attack at Vehicle Fire


Fire chief collapsed while serving as the Incident Commander during a November 2016 fire.

Research: Airborne Contaminants During Controlled Structure Fires


Personal and area air concentrations collected within the structure during the fire period were well above short-term occupational exposure limits for most of the measured compounds and exceeded the IDLH level for HCN.

NIOSH LODD Report: Cardiac Arrest at New Hampshire Brush Fire


Findings from a July 2014 on-duty death in New Hampshire.

NIOSH LODD Report: New Hampshire Firefighter Dies of Heart Attack after Training


On June 13, 2016, a 43-year-old male paid-on-call fire fighter (FF) took part in a weekly training drill involving rescue equipment. The FF had a history of cardiac events including prior heart attack and stenting.

Fire Engineering Chief Bobby Halton Interviews IAFF President Harold Schaitberger


Live from the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) cancer summit in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger speaks live Fire Engineering Editor in Chief Bobby Halton about the issue of cancer and the fire service.

The Human Machine


Brandon Green examines whether we are treating our apparatus better than our firefighters.

Using a Risk Management Approach to Reduce Firefighter Injuries


Recently, a team of researchers set out to see how a risk management approach might be successfully implemented by firefighters.


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