Firefighter Safety & Health

High-Risk Training in a Low-Occurrence Environment


The featured report this month involves a department training with new equipment using a haul system to lower a simulated patient from a building.

When Worst-Case Scenario Hits Home


I finally made the toughest call I’ve ever made.  I called the department Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

December and Firefighters


Each December, there are some very significant dates for the fire service.

NIOSH LODD Report: Maryland Firefighter Killed During Welfare Check


On April 15, 2016, a 37-year-old male career fire fighter/paramedic was killed and a 19-year-old male volunteer fire fighter was seriously wounded when they were shot after a combination fire department was dispatched for a check on the welfare of a citizen. 

Delaware LODDs: The Impact on Your Department


We are pleading with you to take this information and genuinely evaluate yours and each of our departments.

NIOSH LODD Report: Delaware Firefighters Killed in Collapse


On September 24, 2016, a 41-year-old lieutenant and a 51-year-old senior fire fighter died due to a floor collapse in a row house at a structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Cadet Dies During SCBA Maze Training


Contributing factors and lessons learned from a 2016 LODD.

NIOSH LODD Report: Los Angeles Firefighter Falls from Aerial Ladder


Read the contributing factors and lessons learned from a June 2017 line of duty death.

NIOSH LODD Report: Mississippi Firefighters Struck and Killed


Two firefighters were killed and a third injured when struck by a vehicle.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Firefighter Killed in Strip Mall Blaze


On May 18, 2017, a 31-year-old male career fire fighter died after fire conditions rapidly deteriorated inside a commercial strip mall.

The Seat Belt Pledge: Why You Need To Sign It


As Ladder 1 made a right-hand turn on to 3rd Street, the rear door opened. Brian lost his balance and fell backward from the truck, striking the back of his head on the roadway. 

Turnout Gear and Cancer


While there are some things we cannot change immediately-there are many things we can change.

Reducing Injuries: Putting the Effort Where It Counts


Fire departments that are interested in using a proactive risk management strategy should review ways to fully integrate the approach to make firefighters aware of the intent of such efforts. 

Grieving with Firefighter Families


As days and weeks go by, and the normalcy of life takes over, the family still needs us, but we have other responsibilities that take the place of the time we had been dedicating to comforting the family. 

Fire Escapes


There are a number of hazards associated with fire department personnel using fire escapes during a fire, with the largest contributor being the sheer age of the buildings and the lack of maintenance of the components.

Your Relationship with Death


Everyone dies. First responders see a lot of deaths and near-death experiences on the job. Many people fear death. But, what if fear of death is what is holding so many people back from truly living? 

Health and Fitness: Creating the Culture

07/31/2018 Brandon Green examines how the health of the firefighter is a vital piece of the fire service puzzle and should be a focus of proper training in every firehouse in the country.

Addressing Emotional, Mental Health

07/30/2018 In September 2017, public safety members from across the nation converged in Rosemont, Illinois, to learn about emotional wellness, recovery, support, and solutions at the Rosecrance Florian Symposium.

Fitness and Skills

07/26/2018 David Rhodes examines how firefighter obstacle courses can be designed for both fitness and skill improvement.

The Three-Legged Stool

06/29/2018 Todd J. LeDuc looks at cardiovascular health and risks, cancer occupational exposures and threats, and behavioral health risks and how they can be altered or reduced.


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