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Company Near-Miss Review: The Last Burn


I yelled to my nozzle firefighter, "We need to leave now." He didn't move, so I yelled again, "We need to leave now." 

Company Near Miss Review: Recognize, Decide, and Assign


As additional units began to arrive, the fire conditions worsened. This was noticed from the disposition of the smoke going from light gray to darker brown. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Massachusetts Firefighter Suffers Carbon Monoxide Toxicity


54-year old firefighter collapsed while performing overhaul during a March 2017 fire.

Company Near-Miss Review: Tactical Changes for Flow Path Management


The firefighters were pulling ceiling and wallboard to check for extension of a deep-seated fire that was difficult to locate. 

High-Risk Training in a Low-Occurrence Environment


The featured report this month involves a department training with new equipment using a haul system to lower a simulated patient from a building.

The Seat Belt Pledge: Why You Need To Sign It


As Ladder 1 made a right-hand turn on to 3rd Street, the rear door opened. Brian lost his balance and fell backward from the truck, striking the back of his head on the roadway. 

Reducing Injuries: Putting the Effort Where It Counts


Fire departments that are interested in using a proactive risk management strategy should review ways to fully integrate the approach to make firefighters aware of the intent of such efforts. 

The Three Cs


Rich Marinucci looks at strategies for incident safety officers to avoid the three Cs. 

Using a Risk Management Approach to Reduce Firefighter Injuries


Recently, a team of researchers set out to see how a risk management approach might be successfully implemented by firefighters.

Virginia Significant Injury Report


Details from Loudoun County fire that injured seven firefighters, six significantly. 

Fire Editor 360: PPE and Excuses


An interesting video find that will surely find its way into your social media feeds one way or another.

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service


USFA and NVFC highlight issues related to health and safety

Firefighter Fatalities


An examination of the latest information from the NFPA regarding on-duty firefighter fatalities.

Transforming Your Health!

09/01/2016 Jordan Ponder looks at ways to transform your health.

Air Management

08/01/2016 After learning more about the philosophy and reasons behind air management, one department felt obligated to push for change.

Should You Stay Home?

07/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at how people who go to work when they should be at home can have a negative impact in the workplace.

Disrupted Sleep and Safety on Scene

06/01/2016 Nicola Davies looks at the impact that shift work has on firefighter health and safety and provides strategies for overcoming those risks.

Making an Impact

06/01/2016 Erich Roden speaks to Commissioner Joe Finn about the numerous changes being made to the Boston Fire Department.

Upstream and Downstream Threats

05/01/2016 Spring brings with it thawing and potential flooding. It is a dangerous time for some public safety dive teams that have experienced months of downtime with very little exposure to open water operations.


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