Engine Company Operations

Cold Weather Preparation

12/01/2011 When cold weather hits departments like Fort Worth, Texas, it can take a much greater toll than on departments that are used to seeing lots of snow and ice. In this article Capt. Homer Robertson shares some tips for cold weather preparation.

Attic Fires from the Inside Up

05/09/2011 Attic fires pose unique challenges, particularly in modern construction. Fortunately, ladder crews can support crews operating interior. In this Truck Company Operations column, Randy Frassetto addresses the various hazards truck crews can face during attic operations, and offers and attack approach.

Tactics for Battling Attic Fires

05/01/2011 Attic fires present significant collapse danger and can be difficult to extinguish due to limited access. Greg Jakubowski presents some tips for ensuring you stay in control at an attic fire.


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