Engine Company Operations


Needed Engine Company Traits

02/11/2013 What makes an engine company successful are the people in it. Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp discuss the fire officer, driver and firefighter ranks, and the traits needed in each to ensure company success.

Dry & Wet Hoseline Stretches

12/11/2012 The single most important life-saving technique that you must employ when faced with people trapped in a burning building is advancing a hoseline. Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp discuss how, where and why to advance a dry, or uncharged, hoseline into a burning structure and when to charge it.

Engine Company Equipment for Hazmat Response

11/21/2012 Hazmat incidents are one of the most dangerous and unpredictable types of calls firefighters can respond to. To ensure their safety and a successful outcome, many standards and tools have been developed over the years. Greg Jakubowski explores the equipment an engine company would need when responding to a hazmat incident.

Weather Worries

10/22/2012 Alex Boyd, a fire captain in Alaska, offers tips and tactics for cold weather operations, covering PPE, apparatus, ice rescue, non-fire incidents like MVCs and carbon monoxide incidents, rehab, frozen hose, ladder placement and more.


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