Rural Firefighting Ops


Fighting Fire on the Roof


Greg Jakubowski looks at commercial building metal deck roof fires.

Traditional Fire Organizations and WUI Firefighting

07/01/2016 Understand the basics needed for determining your department's WUI capabilities.

Improved Situational Preparedness

05/01/2016 First-arriving resources have far less time to accurately size up the expanding incident, implement strategic objectives, and direct tactical actions that result in a positive outcome.

Working with Aircraft

04/01/2016 As wildland fire conditions continue to increase in intensity each year throughout the West, wildland firefighters have to react with improved tactics and a rapid response with both ground and air assets.

Think Ahead or Fall Behind

03/01/2016 A look at how a preplanning thought process can help steer your agency’s needs to better assess your community when faced with an imminent wildland fire threat.

Engine Company Cold Weather Operations

02/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer strategies for overcoming the impact of cold weather on firefighting operations.

Caught In the Firestorm

02/01/2016 Jeff Zimmerman shares the story of one day out in the field photographing wildfires.


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