Rural Firefighting Ops

Roll-Down Security Gates, Part 1

01/01/2016 Paul DeBartolomeo looks the different styles and types of gates in part one of this three part series.

The Fire Service and the Military

12/01/2015 The U.S. Air Force partners with the NWCG and educational entities to create and manage a comprehensive wildland firefighting training program designed to train and certify Department of Defense firefighters. This article details the relationship, its conception, current status, and future goals.

Engine Company Operations

12/01/2015 Line selection and placement

Reaching Beyond the Checklists

11/01/2015 Geoff Butler looks at how the fire service predetermines the potential for success or tragedy when we legislate, build, and train. An emerging WUI fire may prove one of the most challenging tests of those efforts.

Engine Company Officer

10/01/2015 Fire science is a robust and ever-increasing field of endeavor that consumes huge amounts of public and private resources to prevent and suppress fire. Does any one person know it all? Probably not. What portion of it should a person know to be allowed to practice as a fire chief?


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