Rural Firefighting Ops

Gear Test: Tablet Command

05/01/2014 Van Riviere reviews Simple Tracks’ Tablet Command to see if technology can enhance tactical worksheets and command boards.

Anti-Ventilation Tactics on the Fireground

04/01/2014 Changes to building construction and fuel loads have transformed most fires we go to from being fuel-controlled to being ventilation-controlled. Fire behavior researcher and fire chief Ed Hartin discusses the implications of this change, and the importance of door control and anti-ventilation in today’s fire environment.

A Water-Shuttle & Drafting Drill

03/01/2014 A water-shuttle operation is a more complex and difficult task than many departments realize. Homer Robertson breaks it down into three components and provides tips for drilling on each one.

Engine Positioning


The location of an apparatus at a fire can influence how successfully firefighters can address an emergency. Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp look at the pros and cons of parking an apparatus in different locations around a fire incident.

Tactics for Battling Fires in Hoarder Homes

01/30/2014 Recognizing a hoarding condition and appropriately adjusting tactics is key to firefighter safety. Ryan Pennington shares some tips.


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