Rural Firefighting Ops

Weather Worries

10/22/2012 Alex Boyd, a fire captain in Alaska, offers tips and tactics for cold weather operations, covering PPE, apparatus, ice rescue, non-fire incidents like MVCs and carbon monoxide incidents, rehab, frozen hose, ladder placement and more.

Equipment Considerations for Fires in High-Rises & Other Structures

08/11/2012 In high-rise fire incidents, it’s extremely important to have the right tools at the ready. If you’re not using the proper hoseline or the proper nozzle, your water supply may not make it to the fire floor, and that could lead to disaster. Mike Kirby explains some of the key items you need to carry and maintain to combat a high-rise fire. Tools and equipment for other structural responses are also highlighted.

Fighting Fire in Attached Garages

05/01/2012 As many fire departments can attest to, attached residential garages can be packed full of surprises and hazards. Greg Jakubowski discusses some of the challenges and hazards that can arise when responding to an attached garage fire and attack strategies that can save lives and property.


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