Strategy and Tactics

UL FSRI and ISFSI Release Report: Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires


This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. 

Call for Help!


David McGrail looks at the need to establish mutual-aid agreements with neighboring departments and call for help early. 

Close the Door


P.J. Norwood and Sean Gray examine the impact of ventilation on victim and firefighter survivability.

Mass Over Math


The use of engineering principles to reduce the size and weight of structural members has overall contributed to diminished working times for firefighters inside or on top of a building once the structural components have been compromised by fire.

Pick a Door, Either Door


The right door will take more time, energy, and effort to go through to resolve problems. However, if it’s the right door, take it and don’t look back. 

How Much Hose?


Ray McCormack looks at strategies for estimating the correct minimums of hose required to reach the fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Ohio Firefighter Falls Through Floor at House Fire


On December 28, 2015, a 28-year-old male career fire fighter died due to thermal injuries and smoke inhalation with severe pulmonary edema at a single-family residential structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: South Dakota Firefighter Killed in Structure Fire Collapse


The third fire fighter on the line yelled to get out, then the other two fire fighters heard a loud explosion.

Natural Gas Emergencies


Responding to odors, leaks, fires, and explosions. 

The Building Stage


Greg Jakubowski looks at firefighting in wood buildings under construction. 

Look Up!


Billy Greenwood shares snow-loaded roof considerations.

Rescue on The Water


Eight children and two adults were rescued by Milford (CT) Fire Department Marine Division.

Fire Extinguishers


Greg Jakubowski examines why firefighters carry fire extinguishers. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Houston Southwest Inn Fire


Review lessons learned on the anniversary of a commercial structure fire that claimed four firefighters and injured several others.

NIOSH LODD Report: D.C. Firefighters Killed in Townhouse Fire


A look back on the anniversary of the Cherry Road fire.

Virginia Significant Injury Report


Details from Loudoun County fire that injured seven firefighters, six significantly. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Philadelphia Firefighter Dies in Structure Fire


Report lists several contributing factors in the death of a career firefighter inside a residential structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Virginia Firefighter Killed in Wind Driven Fire


2008 fire was the first LODD in the department’s 41-year history.

Protect the Data


Greg Jakubowski examines responses to computer rooms/data centers

NIOSH LODD Report: Boston Back Bay Fire Tragedy


Wind driven fire claims two firefighters on March 26, 2016.



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