Strategy and Tactics

Stairwell Designation at Fires in Multiple-Story Buildings


Anthony Rowett Jr. looks managing projects to improve community capabilities.

Keep It Clean


Scott Huff examines public safety diving and contaminated water.  

Know Your Supplier


Firefighters must work to know everything they can about the hydrants they might employ in their communities. 

Water Mapping with UL


UL continues their work on the Fire Attack Study with development of visual aids to assist future online training.

The Week’s After Action Review


Fire extension to the structure has taken-hold and is spreading via the concealed space.

Nursing Home Fire Tactics


Fires and other major emergencies at nursing homes can present serious challenges to emergency responders, particularly if they haven't planned or trained for these situations.  

Review: NIST Study of Hose Streams and Air Flows


Seven experimental series with over 100 configurations using two structures reveal the impact of hose stream patterns and nozzle movements on air flow inside structures.

Ottawa Fire Services Establishes Operational Guide for First-Arriving Company Officers


The Ottawa Fire Services established an operational guide of first-arriving company officers. Learn about the guide's origins and download a copy for review or adaptation by your department.

PPA Deconstructed

10/19/2016 Nick Ledin examines PPA with the help of UL FSRI experiments.

Focus on Fireground: FDNY 23rd Street Collapse


Bill Gustin, Mike Dugan and guests take a look at the FDNY 23rd Street fire and collapse

September 1916 Fires

09/01/2016 Paul Hashagen looks at fires that occurred 100 years ago, in September 1916.

Fighting Fire on the Roof


Greg Jakubowski looks at commercial building metal deck roof fires.

Beyond “Normal”

08/01/2016 Nozzlehead looks at single-family dwelling tactics on non-single-family dwelling fires.

Science at Its Worst

07/01/2016 Greg Jakubowski looks at hazards and challenges found in laboratories and provides strategies for addressing those risks.

Engine Operations: Locating the Fire

06/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer strategies for identifying the location and extent of a fire.


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