Strategy and Tactics

Using Smoke Curtains in Multi-Story Buildings

07/01/2014 Controlling smoke and airflow has a direct and immediate influence on the development and severity of the fire itself. For about 10 years, firefighters in central Europe have been extensively using portable smoke-blocking devices in fires. This article explains how these “curtains” work.

Gear Test: Tablet Command

05/01/2014 Van Riviere reviews Simple Tracks’ Tablet Command to see if technology can enhance tactical worksheets and command boards.

Anti-Ventilation Tactics on the Fireground

04/01/2014 Changes to building construction and fuel loads have transformed most fires we go to from being fuel-controlled to being ventilation-controlled. Fire behavior researcher and fire chief Ed Hartin discusses the implications of this change, and the importance of door control and anti-ventilation in today’s fire environment.

Realistic Expectations for the Rapid Intervention Team

02/01/2014 Too many incidents have shown that many rapid intervention crews are unprepared for the job. BC Matt Tobia defines three realistic objectives for the RIT and the equipment needed to carry them out.


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