Strategy and Tactics

Using Smoke Curtains in Multi-Story Buildings

07/01/2014 Controlling smoke and airflow has a direct and immediate influence on the development and severity of the fire itself. For about 10 years, firefighters in central Europe have been extensively using portable smoke-blocking devices in fires. This article explains how these “curtains” work.

Gear Test: Tablet Command

05/01/2014 Van Riviere reviews Simple Tracks’ Tablet Command to see if technology can enhance tactical worksheets and command boards.

Anti-Ventilation Tactics on the Fireground

04/01/2014 Changes to building construction and fuel loads have transformed most fires we go to from being fuel-controlled to being ventilation-controlled. Fire behavior researcher and fire chief Ed Hartin discusses the implications of this change, and the importance of door control and anti-ventilation in today’s fire environment.


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