Strategy and Tactics

Details Matter: It’s in the Attic!


These fires can be extremely dangerous because the true conditions are hidden in the attic space and firefighters may not be expecting the sudden change in conditions when an attic flashover occurs. 

Standpipes in Buildings Under Construction


I cannot overstate the importance of visiting and walking through the job site to preplan, as the time to find deficiencies in any of these systems is not during a fire.

Tactical Safety for Firefighters: Windows Are Not Doors


When it comes to fire attack many are looking to utilizing a window to apply their stream, this exterior attack is the first half of what is referred to as transitional fire attack. When a stream is operated from outside the structure through a window or door it is restricted.

Not Just for Interior Attacks

08/04/2018 Carl Nix examines how thermal imaging tools aren’t just for interior attacks.

From the Inside

08/01/2018 Ray McCormack examines interior fire attack and how it must be handled with care.

The New Age of Heavy Timber

07/27/2018 James Johnson examines how new innovations in mass timber are beginning to challenge many of our current practices for the construction of tall buildings

Taking a Chance

06/20/2018 Greg Jakubowski speaks to two people who have experienced the impact of true fireground risk. He examines the training and leadership necessary to keep firefighters safe.

Take the Time

06/18/2018 Dennis L. Rubin examines the need to always take the time to conduct a 360-degree view (reconnaissance) before deliberately placing our most important resource (our members) into harm’s way.

You Swore an Oath

06/06/2018 Frank Ricci and David Shestokas examine the oaths that are sworn in the United States by the people who vow to protect it and its people.

Purpose vs. Position

05/23/2018 When you only use rank as a requirement without consideration for the subject matter expertise required for a job function, things get tricky and dangerous.

A Full House

05/18/2018 The priority of any emergency response is to protect life first. When faced with hoarding conditions, this priority does not change, but rather it requires some adjustments for carrying out the task of searching the inside of a cluttered environment.

The Urban Edge

05/13/2018 Hoselines are often laid with little if any regard to easily moving them forward. The result of this oversight is hose that gets caught on door frames and contains multiple unnecessary kinks that will need to be removed so that a proper flow is attained along with a smoother advance.

The Gopher Creep

05/07/2018 Dave McGrail looks at the task level operation of properly preparing an attack hoseline for fire attack off a standpipe system.

Building Size-Up

05/07/2018 The size and age of a structure, types of materials used in the construction, and the use or occupancy of the space are arguably some of the most important factors that affect our strategies and tactics during a fire, and neglecting to identify hazards associated with the building can have devastating consequences.

Four on the Floor


Dennis L. Rubin examines how early into the event and before companies are committed to upper floors firefighters should always check the floors below the fire area. 

The Burn Building Limits


David Rhodes looks at how burn buildings are a great place to practice the mechanics and get repetitions in for tactics training but are not the place to develop the tactics. 

High Risk, High Reward


P.J. Norwood and Sean Gray look at how VEIS is a high-risk, high-reward tactic that is still viable on today’s fireground. 

UL FSRI and ISFSI Release Report: Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires


This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. 

Call for Help!


David McGrail looks at the need to establish mutual-aid agreements with neighboring departments and call for help early. 

Close the Door


P.J. Norwood and Sean Gray examine the impact of ventilation on victim and firefighter survivability.


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