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Using Descent Control Devices for Self-Rescue off of a Roof

05/01/2014 Randy Frassetto gives the low-down on the use of descent control devices for self-rescue when you need to quickly exit a roof and a ladder isn’t an option.

Anti-Ventilation Tactics on the Fireground

04/01/2014 Changes to building construction and fuel loads have transformed most fires we go to from being fuel-controlled to being ventilation-controlled. Fire behavior researcher and fire chief Ed Hartin discusses the implications of this change, and the importance of door control and anti-ventilation in today’s fire environment.

Engine Positioning


The location of an apparatus at a fire can influence how successfully firefighters can address an emergency. Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp look at the pros and cons of parking an apparatus in different locations around a fire incident.

Ladders Crews on the Hazmat Scene

02/01/2014 Randy Frassetto covers how ladder companies can improve the safety and efficiency of a fuel tanker off-loading operation (hazmat incident).

Tactics for Battling Fires in Hoarder Homes

01/30/2014 Recognizing a hoarding condition and appropriately adjusting tactics is key to firefighter safety. Ryan Pennington shares some tips.


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