Firefighter Safety

December and Firefighters

Each December, there are some very significant dates for the fire service.

NIOSH LODD Report: Maryland Firefighter Killed During Welfare Check

On April 15, 2016, a 37-year-old male career fire fighter/paramedic was killed and a 19-year-old male volunteer fire fighter was seriously wounded when they were shot after a combination fire depar...


Upstream and Downstream Threats

Spring brings with it thawing and potential flooding. It is a dangerous time for some public safety dive teams that h...

Firefighter Health

NIOSH LODD Report: Cardiac Arrest at New Hampshire Brush Fire

Findings from a July 2014 on-duty death in New Hampshire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Minnesota Firefighter Suffers Heart Attack after Fitness Training

Biventricular hypertrophy and coronary heart disease were undiagnosed.

DCFD Kennedy Street LODD Report

Lessons learned on the anniversary of a firefighting tragedy,

On-Duty Deaths and Advancing Hoselines in 2016

A closer look at reported firefighter fatality on the hoseline data.


Details Matter: It’s in the Attic!

These fires can be extremely dangerous because the true conditions are hidden in the attic space and firefighters may not be expecting the sudden change in conditions when an attic flashover occurs. 

A Cohesive Strategy

Dena Ali examines strategies for improving wildfire management.

Company Near-Miss Review: Tactical Changes for Flow Path Management

The firefighters were pulling ceiling and wallboard to check for extension of a deep-seated fire that was difficult to locate. 

Line of Duty Deaths

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters Killed and Injured in Texas Blaze

On February 15, 2013, a 36-year-old male career lieutenant and a 54-year-old male career lieutenant were killed and two career fire fighters were injured at an assembly hall fire.

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters and Children Killed in Iowa Fire

On December 22, 1999, a 49-year-old Shift Commander and two Engine Operators, 39 and 29 years of age respectively, lost their lives while performing search-and-rescue operations at a residential structure fire. 

LODD Anniversary: Probationary Firefighter Killed in Texas Fire

On December 20, 2004, a 24-year-old male career probationary firefighter died after he became separated from a fire-attack team at a two-alarm, single-story, residential structure fire.

Special Operations

Haz-mat Responseffwzvqzqadzeawuzzrffsycybywysyubdrvy

David F. Peterson illustrates how responders can underestimate the power and capability of some hazardous materials.

Ladders Crews on the Hazmat Scene

Randy Frassetto covers how ladder companies can improve the safety and efficiency of a fuel tanker off-loading operation (hazmat incident).

Manatee Technical Rescue

Robin R. Gainey presents a study in how cooperation equaled success in Jacksonville, Florida.

Technology and Communications

Is the Container Half Full or Half Empty?

Having the ability to see the content level of an enclosed container at a safe distance is critical to the safety of the firefighting crew.

Leaders Are Readers: Neptune’s Inferno

Technology helps make firefighters safe, but officers and chiefs must know how to use it and understand the information it's giving.

Infrared Energy and Solar Loading

A review of the basics of thermal imaging technology and terms.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage for New...

Properly designed, installed, and maintained in-building emergency radio communication enhancement systems provide a cost-effective and reliable tool for firefighter communications during fire or o...

Stay Safe and Train Every Day

Three-pass scans, preflashover situations, fire attack, overhaul, search and rescue, hazmat calls, motor vehicle incidents, and heat pattern identification are all areas where TICs are useful at in...


LODD Anniversary: Firefighters Killed and ...

On February 15, 2013, a 36-year-old male career lieutenant and a 54-year-old male career lieutenant were killed and two career fire fighters were injured at an assembly hall fire.

Las Vegas Mass Shooting Hospital Response ...

A consolidation of events, actions taken, lessons learned, observations and hospital experiences.

Unprepared and Overwhelmed

Local officials (including school boards and law enforcement) must look at each of the points in the report and determine where your community schools fit in and make the changes as applicable. 

High-Risk Training in a Low-Occurrence Env...

The featured report this month involves a department training with new equipment using a haul system to lower a simulated patient from a building.

LODD Anniversary: Chicago Firefighters Kil...

On December 22, 2010, a 47-year-old male and a 34-year old male, both career fire fighters, died when the roof collapsed during suppression operations at a rubbish fire in an abandoned and unsecure...

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