A Perfect Storm


FireRescue's editor-in-chief looks at how fire service personnel must take care of themselves and each other to steer the ship through any storm.

Goodbye 2016


The year in critique 

Water in, Water Out


FireRescue's editor-in-chief examines how firefighters should use lessons learned as the driving force in making any evolutional change to the fire service.

Time Notifications

05/01/2016 Les Baker looks at why departments should consider the use of time notifications at extrication incidents.

Southeastern Slide

03/01/2016 Les Baker discusses a tactic to quickly and effectively move a side-resting vehicle with the use of struts and a pulling device such as a vehicle-mounted winch or come-along.

Haz-mat Response

02/01/2016 David F. Peterson looks at haz-mat response and how it needs to be more effectively incorporated into fire service response.

CO Sensor System Project

02/01/2016 Raymond T. Ranellone Jr. looks at the threat carbon monoxide poses on the fireground and shares a project that aimed to introduce more effective CO monitors.

Calling Mayday

02/01/2016 Gary Bird and Brian Gettemeier examine the responsibilities of fire service personnel on the fireground when a Mayday is called.

Hydrogen Explosion in Japan in 2011

12/01/2015 The tsunami that struck the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant after the earthquake on March 11, 2011, disabled all the AC power supplies at Reactor Units 1 to 5, causing the cooling systems to shut down and leading to a hydrogen explosion. The Tokyo Fire Department responded.

Leading Georgia Smoke Divers

10/01/2015 Judith Glick-Smith looks at the Georgia Smoke Diver program: a brotherhood, a group of equals, leaders committed to service, there to teach you how to save your own life and the lives of others.

Getting a Military Feel

09/01/2015 Gea Haff describes her experience at Patriot Warrior/Global Medic with the FAST team.

Safe Patient Movement

08/01/2015 Les Baker discusses how ladders can protect patients and first responders when moving patients from vehicles.

Trench Rescue

08/01/2015 Andy Speier looks at strategies for rescuing a victim trapped in a trench.

Coastal Rescue

07/01/2015 Peter Ong examines the San Francisco Fire Department (S.F.F.D.) Coastal Rescue.

Fireworks and the Fire Service

06/01/2015 Rich Clark sheds some light on one very popular, but little understood, fair weather activity, community fireworks displays. Commercial displays are a very complex event; this article focuses on the basics, safety items, rules of the game, and information to keep everyone as safe as possible.

NFPA 1936

05/13/2015 Glenn Mate examines adding vital rescue equipment to the existing NFPA 1936 document. The creation of a new document in regard to selection, care, and maintenance of powered rescue tools is now out for public comment.

Vent, Enter, Isolate, Search

05/13/2015 Vent, Enter, Isolate, and Search will be one of the most physically intense operations on the fireground. It can be a great tactic and has saved many lives. Gary Bird and Brian Gettemeier provide an assessment tool to ensure you are prepared if the need for the VEIS tactic should arise.

Michigan I-94 Pileup

05/01/2015 Rich Clark reviews a 200-car pileup on I-94 in western Michigan that was a result of sustained whiteout blizzard conditions and left one person dead and closed down an 11-mile section of the freeway for hours.

Come Hell or High Water

04/01/2015 Gea Haff shares how every year Miami-Dade Fire Rescue’s Fire Boat 1 helps protect millions of people on the water.

Learning from Others' Experience

04/01/2015 David Griffin looks at Never Forget and teaches class attendees to train until they have unconscious competence in everything that they do so they will Never Forget their profession, the job that we do. That is how we honor fallen firefighters.


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