When Plan C Doesn't Work


Build relationships with your local tow operators and train together so that you know what resources are available to you when the call comes in.

A Perfect Storm


FireRescue's editor-in-chief looks at how fire service personnel must take care of themselves and each other to steer the ship through any storm.

Goodbye 2016


The year in critique 

Water in, Water Out


FireRescue's editor-in-chief examines how firefighters should use lessons learned as the driving force in making any evolutional change to the fire service.

Haz-mat Response

02/01/2016 David F. Peterson looks at haz-mat response and how it needs to be more effectively incorporated into fire service response.

CO Sensor System Project

02/01/2016 Raymond T. Ranellone Jr. looks at the threat carbon monoxide poses on the fireground and shares a project that aimed to introduce more effective CO monitors.

Calling Mayday

02/01/2016 Gary Bird and Brian Gettemeier examine the responsibilities of fire service personnel on the fireground when a Mayday is called.

Safe Patient Movement

08/01/2015 Les Baker discusses how ladders can protect patients and first responders when moving patients from vehicles.

Coastal Rescue

07/01/2015 Peter Ong examines the San Francisco Fire Department (S.F.F.D.) Coastal Rescue.


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