Hazardous Materials

The Evolution of Mobile Apps

02/01/2015 Disaster simulations allow first responders to train on mass casualty incidents. Curtis Massey looks at how mobile technology allows rescue agencies to rapidly access diverse information for rescue operations.

Ladders Crews on the Hazmat Scene

02/01/2014 Randy Frassetto covers how ladder companies can improve the safety and efficiency of a fuel tanker off-loading operation (hazmat incident).

Inside the HazmatIQ Training System

01/01/2014 Joe Gorman and Cris Aguirre look at traditional hazmat training, and then explain the HazMatIQ FRO training system, a four-hour class that trains first responders how to assess risk based on the hazards of a chemical.

Canadian Airport Welcomes the New Striker

08/14/2013 Just a few years after stunning the fire service with the Striker ARFF vehicle, Oshkosh introduced a new and improved version of the apparatus. Bob Vaccaro profiles a recent delivery for the Edmonton (Alberta) International Airport.

Cross-Disciplinary and Interagency Use of Hazmat Equipment

07/31/2013 Grant funding is becoming more difficult to obtain, even as the options for hazmat detection and decontamination equipment improve. Dr. Chris Weber explains that widening the use of hazmat equipment is key to obtaining grant funding and building valuable relationships that will come into play during large-scale incidents.

Seagrave Builds a Dive-Rescue Unit for the Louisville Fire Department

06/11/2013 Situated on the Ohio River, Louisville, Ky., is no stranger to water-related incidents. The Louisville Fire Department has long operated a dive-rescue unit; recently, it got an upgrade.


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