Hazardous Materials


Union Pacific Railroad Taps Pierce to Build Two Hazmat Units

01/08/2013 Although outside the fire service, a recent apparatus purchase by Union Pacific has its roots in fire apparatus design.

Tips for Understanding & Using Your Gas-Detection Equipment

11/29/2012 There are many reasons we may be called upon monitor air quality, as such, we must be able to use our equipment efficiently. Here, Dr. Chris Weber addresses the value of understanding the science of gas detection and the limitations of our equipment, and offers tips for using your equipment most effectively.

Engine Company Equipment for Hazmat Response

11/21/2012 Hazmat incidents are one of the most dangerous and unpredictable types of calls firefighters can respond to. To ensure their safety and a successful outcome, many standards and tools have been developed over the years. Greg Jakubowski explores the equipment an engine company would need when responding to a hazmat incident.

In Sharonville, Ohio, Preparedness Includes a Dry Chem Unit

10/15/2012 The Sharonville (Ohio) Fire Department not only has extensive mutual-aid agreements, it also participates in a regional fire collaborative that standardizes training and shares resources. Its recent purchase of a dry chem unit illustrates its progressive approach to speccing apparatus.

MCIs: What the Company Officer Should Know

09/01/2011 Most company officers don’t respond to many MCIs, but they must know what to do when one occurs. Chief Dan Mack provides a comprehensive look at what you need to know on the MCI scene.


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