Special Operations

When Plan C Doesn't Work


Build relationships with your local tow operators and train together so that you know what resources are available to you when the call comes in.

Hazmat Teams Prevent Potential Boilover


Houston’s Foam Engine 22 was on scene with 750 gallons of AR-AFFF foam. Unfortunately, there was no water supply to the shipping yard.

Confined Space Rescue


The worker was part of an authorized crew in the process of removing a safety barrier around a pier hole when he fell 42 feet into a 36-inch-diameter hole.



While wildland firefighters face significant demands during the typical fire season, the expectations placed on smokejumpers, rappelers, and hotshots are even more demanding. 

Terror and Crisis Situations


It has become evident that crisis and terror events may take place in all types of communities, involving both fire and police departments, regardless of their size or capacity. Are we prepared for these types of incidents? 

Staying Sharp Underwater


Scott Huff looks at the diver and mental preparedness. 

Manatee Technical Rescue


Robin R. Gainey presents a study in how cooperation equaled success in Jacksonville, Florida.

One Stop Shop


Matthew Stelle looks at technical rescue for the suburban combination department.

A Perfect Storm


FireRescue's editor-in-chief looks at how fire service personnel must take care of themselves and each other to steer the ship through any storm.

Hot Zone, Warm Zone


Michael D Wright looks at strategies for combining the protective services. 

2013 Boston Marathon Bombings After Action Report


Lessons learned and best practices from various agencies involved in responding to the terror bombings.

Keep It Clean


Scott Huff examines public safety diving and contaminated water.  

Three-Diver Rotation


Scott Huff examines strategies for protecting public safety divers while they work to protect others. 

Up in the Air


Nicola Davies examines the use of drone technology in the fire service. 

NIOSH LODD Report: Oklahoma Storm Drain Rescue


Captain swept into underground drain during flooding

Cave Rescue Capabilities


Are cave rescues just confined spaces?

Goodbye 2016


The year in critique 

New Professional Guidelines in Hungary


Peter Jackovics examines the national classification system for cave/rope rescuers in Hungary.

Water in, Water Out


FireRescue's editor-in-chief examines how firefighters should use lessons learned as the driving force in making any evolutional change to the fire service.

Haz-mat Response


David F. Peterson illustrates how responders can underestimate the power and capability of some hazardous materials.


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