Technical Rescue

Coastal Rescue

07/01/2015 Peter Ong examines the San Francisco Fire Department (S.F.F.D.) Coastal Rescue.

Technical Rescue in Wind Turbines

04/01/2015 Jeff Riechmann examines the rescue challenges at incidents involving wind turbines. He takes a look at a rescue team in California and its equipment and training, and a rescue drill that yielded important lessons for wind turbine-involved incidents.

The Evolution of Mobile Apps

02/01/2015 Disaster simulations allow first responders to train on mass casualty incidents. Curtis Massey looks at how mobile technology allows rescue agencies to rapidly access diverse information for rescue operations.

Two-tensioned Rope Systems for Belay

07/01/2014 In light of research, use of the common non-tensioned belay is under scrutiny. Tom Pendley explains the benefits and drawbacks of two tension rope systems as an alternative.


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