Technical Rescue

Using Descent Control Devices for Self-Rescue off of a Roof

05/01/2014 Randy Frassetto gives the low-down on the use of descent control devices for self-rescue when you need to quickly exit a roof and a ladder isn’t an option.

Canadian Airport Welcomes the New Striker

08/14/2013 Just a few years after stunning the fire service with the Striker ARFF vehicle, Oshkosh introduced a new and improved version of the apparatus. Bob Vaccaro profiles a recent delivery for the Edmonton (Alberta) International Airport.

Seagrave Builds a Dive-Rescue Unit for the Louisville Fire Department

06/11/2013 Situated on the Ohio River, Louisville, Ky., is no stranger to water-related incidents. The Louisville Fire Department has long operated a dive-rescue unit; recently, it got an upgrade.


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