Technical Rescue

MCIs: What the Company Officer Should Know

09/01/2011 Most company officers don’t respond to many MCIs, but they must know what to do when one occurs. Chief Dan Mack provides a comprehensive look at what you need to know on the MCI scene.

Ensure Officers Are Prepared to Command Large-Scale Incidents


Most officers don’t have the experience commanding large-scale incidents to feel confident when they happen. Chief Reggie Freeman explains that although we can’t create experience, we can help prepare potential ICs through command books, checklists, training scenarios, and incorporate disaster response competency into the organization’s advancement process.

Leading a Technical Rescue Team

06/30/2011 A highly functional rescue team is indicative of solid, continuous training, exceptional teamwork and invaluable experience, but it’s also the sign of a good team leader. Steve Shupert describes the many responsibilities of a rescue team leader, from preplanning, to training the team, to taking on an alternate role on the rescue ground.


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