Infrared Energy and Solar Loading

12/14/2018 A review of the basics of thermal imaging technology and terms.

Stay Safe and Train Every Day

11/30/2018 Three-pass scans, preflashover situations, fire attack, overhaul, search and rescue, hazmat calls, motor vehicle incidents, and heat pattern identification are all areas where TICs are useful at incidents.

Company Interoperability


Robert Policht looks at how communications, equipment, and training assist in effective company interoperability. 


12/01/2015 Christopher Truitt looks at report writing in the fire service and offers a template for more effective event recall.

The Evolution of Mobile Apps

02/01/2015 Disaster simulations allow first responders to train on mass casualty incidents. Curtis Massey looks at how mobile technology allows rescue agencies to rapidly access diverse information for rescue operations.

Big Data in the Fire Service: A Primer

12/01/2014 Matt Quinn and Erich Roden look at Big Data and examine the ways that it can be used to improve the fire service.

Communication & Personnel Accountability for ICs

10/26/2013 In this Near Miss Report, Deputy Chief John B. Tippett Jr. examines communication breakdowns and the role of personnel accountability for ICs.


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