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Infrared Energy and Solar Loading

12/14/2018 A review of the basics of thermal imaging technology and terms.

Emergency Responder Radio Coverage for New and Existing Buildings


Properly designed, installed, and maintained in-building emergency radio communication enhancement systems provide a cost-effective and reliable tool for firefighter communications during fire or other emergencies within our built environment. 

Stay Safe and Train Every Day

11/30/2018 Three-pass scans, preflashover situations, fire attack, overhaul, search and rescue, hazmat calls, motor vehicle incidents, and heat pattern identification are all areas where TICs are useful at incidents.

A False Sense of Security

09/01/2018 With all the latest technology in the fire service, the TIC may be the one tool that can cause firefighters to feel overconfident and make mistakes.

Change 4 Change


High school students can be engaged in safety efforts in a creative way that just might save a life one day.

In the News


Carl Nix examines how to use the thermal imaging camera to avoid coming back to the fire scene to extinguish a reignited fire.


Maintaining Your Thermal Imaging Camera

08/01/2018 Maintaining your camera will ensure it works properly when you need it.

Working Side By Side

05/17/2018 Fire departments often lend their TIC to help law enforcement in police situations.

Reality in Virtual Reality

05/10/2018 Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service is the first United Kingdom fire and rescue service to explore the potential of virtual reality technology; it recently created a ground-breaking 360-degree public safety film simulating a fatal road traffic collision.

No Smoke? Time to Use the TIC


How to use the TIC for fires that you don’t see—no smoke showing.

We Are All Brothers and Sisters


Training Tips for the TIC.

Company Interoperability


Robert Policht looks at how communications, equipment, and training assist in effective company interoperability. 

Producing the Next Generation Fire Shelter


Captain Dena Ali shares what’s developing in wildland firefighter safety.

Fire Prediction: Making Sense of Big Data


FireRescue Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Erich Roden shares an article to help us move beyond simply collecting data.

NFFF Releases 2016 Fire Service Technology Summit Report


New report from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation provides recommendations for next steps

Is Big Data Analytics The Secret To Successful Fire Fighting?

01/13/2017 Fire services, like most other public bodies, are awash with data. This data comes from sensors on equipment and fire engines and should be collected, integrated and used more effectively to give fire fighters (and the public) the information they need in real time.

Technology Assist: Drone at Oklahoma House Fire


Nichols Hills house fire highlights advantage of drone use on the fireground

Fighting Fire with Data


Using technology and data to improve operations in the field

Wants and Expectations

07/01/2016 FireRescue’s editor-in-chief looks at communication in the fire service.


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