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FDIC International 2018 – Are You Ready?


Join 34,000 firefighters in Indianapolis this April for a world class conference & exhibition that will change your life.

UL FSRI and ISFSI Release Report: Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires


This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. 

Assessment Centers


Anthony Kastros introduces his column on assessment centers and how to prepare for the job you want.

LODD Anniversary: Arizona Firefighter Killed in Supermarket Fire


On March 14, 2001, a 40-year-old male career fire fighter/paramedic died from carbon monoxide poisoning and thermal burns after running out of air and becoming disoriented while fighting a supermarket fire.

NFPA: Campaign for Fire Service Contamination Control


The overall goal of this project is to develop and facilitate the outreach of an educational campaign to control the spread of harmful fire ground contaminants, ultimately in support of improved fire fighter long-term health.

NIOSH LODD Report: North Carolina Firefighter Out of Air in Commercial Structure Fire


On April 30, 2016, a 20-year-old male volunteer fire fighter died after he ran out of air and became disoriented while fighting a fire in a commercial strip mall.

NIOSH LODD Report: Tanker Backs Over Pennsylvania Firefighter


When the driver stopped the tanker, it had completely run over the left half of the fire fighter’s body. An ambulance was called that arrived within minutes but the fire fighter was pronounced dead at the scene.

No Smoke? Time to Use the TIC


How to use the TIC for fires that you don’t see—no smoke showing.

Line of Duty Deaths – Learn, Live, & Never Forget, 2018


The calendar for 2018 represents the game film of the fire service.  Incidents that have forever changed a department, a community, and many families.   Incidents that we as the Fire Service promised we would never forget.

Both Sides of the FDNY Black Sunday


Remember the fallen in your training by reviewing the lessons learned from the Bronx and Brooklyn line of duty deaths. 

It's Time to Meet the Challenge


Paul Shapiro looks at anchor and hold delivery evolutions for structure fires in the wildland-urban interface.

California Thomas Fire LODD Information Report


At just before 9:30 a.m., while attempting to extinguish hotspots below the dozer line, one firefighter become entrapped and suffered fatal injuries. The four firefighters on the dozer line retreated to their escape route.

LODD Anniversary: Lieutenant Killed, Firefighters Injured in Crash


On January 9, 2009, a 52-year-old male career Lieutenant (the victim) died and three male career fire fighters were injured, when the ladder truck they were riding in failed to stop while traveling down a hill.

We Are All Brothers and Sisters


Training Tips for the TIC.

LODD Anniversary: Collapse Kills Massachusetts Firefighter


On December 8, 2011, a 43-year-old male career fire fighter received fatal injuries when he was trapped under falling debris during a partial collapse at the rear of a three-story residential structure.

NIOSH LODD Report: South Dakota Firefighter Killed in Structure Fire Collapse


The third fire fighter on the line yelled to get out, then the other two fire fighters heard a loud explosion.

The "Yers"


Anthony Correia looks at millennials from a Morris Massey perspective.

Incident Command


Jason Hoevelmann examines strategies for finding success on and off the fireground.  

The Art of Staging


Jason Gallimore examines a tactical response when dispatched to potential violence.

NIOSH LODD Report: Collapse Kills Kansas City Firefighters


October 2015 fire claimed the lives of two firefighters and injured others.


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