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LODD Anniversary: Chicago Firefighters Killed, Injured in Roof Collapse


On December 22, 2010, a 47-year-old male and a 34-year old male, both career fire fighters, died when the roof collapsed during suppression operations at a rubbish fire in an abandoned and unsecured commercial structure. 

LODD Anniversary: Firefighters and Children Killed in Iowa Fire


On December 22, 1999, a 49-year-old Shift Commander and two Engine Operators, 39 and 29 years of age respectively, lost their lives while performing search-and-rescue operations at a residential structure fire. 

LODD Anniversary: Probationary Firefighter Killed in Texas Fire


On December 20, 2004, a 24-year-old male career probationary firefighter died after he became separated from a fire-attack team at a two-alarm, single-story, residential structure fire.

Stay Safe and Train Every Day

11/30/2018 Three-pass scans, preflashover situations, fire attack, overhaul, search and rescue, hazmat calls, motor vehicle incidents, and heat pattern identification are all areas where TICs are useful at incidents.

NIOSH LODD Report: Maryland Firefighter Killed During Welfare Check


On April 15, 2016, a 37-year-old male career fire fighter/paramedic was killed and a 19-year-old male volunteer fire fighter was seriously wounded when they were shot after a combination fire department was dispatched for a check on the welfare of a citizen. 

Delaware LODDs: The Impact on Your Department


We are pleading with you to take this information and genuinely evaluate yours and each of our departments.

NIOSH LODD Report: Delaware Firefighters Killed in Collapse


On September 24, 2016, a 41-year-old lieutenant and a 51-year-old senior fire fighter died due to a floor collapse in a row house at a structure fire.

NIOSH LODD Report: Texas Cadet Dies During SCBA Maze Training


Contributing factors and lessons learned from a 2016 LODD.

NIOSH LODD Report: Los Angeles Firefighter Falls from Aerial Ladder


Read the contributing factors and lessons learned from a June 2017 line of duty death.

UL FSRI: Study of Fire Service Training Environment


Fire conditions produced by three fuel packages were utilized during the experiments - one containing furnishings composed primarily of synthetic materials and two containing wood-based fuels compliant with NFPA 1403.

Fire Escapes


There are a number of hazards associated with fire department personnel using fire escapes during a fire, with the largest contributor being the sheer age of the buildings and the lack of maintenance of the components.

Don't Clog Up Your Toolbox


Many may just keep adding because they fear being questioned about their choices, so it's easier just to add it and forget it.

The Secret to a Better Training Isn’t What You Think


Perhaps all this training isn’t what is making you more effective. What if there is something beyond more training exercises and lectures that makes you a better firefighter?

Fitness and Skills

07/26/2018 David Rhodes examines how firefighter obstacle courses can be designed for both fitness and skill improvement.

Reality in Virtual Reality

05/10/2018 Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service is the first United Kingdom fire and rescue service to explore the potential of virtual reality technology; it recently created a ground-breaking 360-degree public safety film simulating a fatal road traffic collision.

The FDIC Experience


Reserve your spot before H.O.T. Evolutions and Workshops sell out!


The Burn Building Limits


David Rhodes looks at how burn buildings are a great place to practice the mechanics and get repetitions in for tactics training but are not the place to develop the tactics. 

On the Line


We begin every shift with confirmation that our equipment is ready for use. Greg Lindsay looks at an event where equipment maintenance is an issue and leads to problems. 

FDIC International 2018 – Are You Ready?


Join 34,000 firefighters in Indianapolis this April for a world class conference & exhibition that will change your life.

UL FSRI and ISFSI Release Report: Understanding and Fighting Basement Fires


This study went beyond earlier research by increasing the size of the basement and incorporating three different ventilation and access conditions to the basement. 


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