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NIOSH LODD Report: Heart Attack Claims Wildland Supervisor after Training


Investigators conclude that the exertion of the training precipitated the heart attack

Water Mapping with UL


UL continues their work on the Fire Attack Study with development of visual aids to assist future online training.

The Volunteer Playbook


Matt Beakas looks at strategies for training personnel so that training does not go to waste.

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service

Report: Critical Health and Safety Issues in the Volunteer Fire Service


USFA and NVFC highlight issues related to health and safety

Situational Awareness to Potential Violence


With escalating acts of local aggression dominating the news, the need in the fire service to focus intently on personal safety is becoming more evident by the day.

MGM Grand Hotel Fire Anniversary


Read the reports on what led up to this deadly fire and how firefighters responded

Fire Editor 360: Dodge Ball, Update


Our thoughts on fun, fitness and being serious about your health and training

Fire Dynamics and Ventilation Profile: Manhattan High-Rise Fire


FDNY Battalion Chief Leeb highlights fire behavior points in a recent Manhattan high-rise fire video.

Review: NFPA Fourth Needs Assessment


FireRescue Magazine Editor-in-Chief Erich Roden reviews the report and highlights one area needing attention.

Training a Different Generation


David Rhodes looks at the “new generation” that emerges as society evolves because of advances in technology, changing priorities, and a supply and demand of specific skill sets.

Roll-Down Security Gates, Part 2

07/01/2016 Paul DeBartolomeo looks at common security feature in part two of this three part series.

The Design of the High-Rise Handline

07/01/2016 Paul Shapiro provides guidance for selecting the right size handline for a high-rise fire.

High Rise, Big Water, Part 2

06/02/2016 Paul Shapiro continues his examination of high-flow tandem pump operations for high-rise fire protection systems.

Buttons, Belt Loops, and Barn Doors

06/01/2016 Joseph Knitter looks at the guidelines instructors should follow to put their right feet forward.

Engine Operations: Locating the Fire

06/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer strategies for identifying the location and extent of a fire.

Upstream and Downstream Threats

05/01/2016 Spring brings with it thawing and potential flooding. It is a dangerous time for some public safety dive teams that have experienced months of downtime with very little exposure to open water operations.

Risk Management Models

04/01/2016 David F. Peterson looks at a real-life incident that applied a risk management model and saved a life.


12/01/2015 Christopher Truitt looks at report writing in the fire service and offers a template for more effective event recall.


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