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Fire Editor 360: Dodge Ball, Update


Our thoughts on fun, fitness and being serious about your health and training

Fire Dynamics and Ventilation Profile: Manhattan High-Rise Fire


FDNY Battalion Chief Leeb highlights fire behavior points in a recent Manhattan high-rise fire video.

Review: NFPA Fourth Needs Assessment


FireRescue Magazine Editor-in-Chief Erich Roden reviews the report and highlights one area needing attention.

Training a Different Generation


David Rhodes looks at the “new generation” that emerges as society evolves because of advances in technology, changing priorities, and a supply and demand of specific skill sets.

Roll-Down Security Gates, Part 2

07/01/2016 Paul DeBartolomeo looks at common security feature in part two of this three part series.

The Design of the High-Rise Handline

07/01/2016 Paul Shapiro provides guidance for selecting the right size handline for a high-rise fire.

High Rise, Big Water, Part 2

06/02/2016 Paul Shapiro continues his examination of high-flow tandem pump operations for high-rise fire protection systems.

Buttons, Belt Loops, and Barn Doors

06/01/2016 Joseph Knitter looks at the guidelines instructors should follow to put their right feet forward.

Engine Operations: Locating the Fire

06/01/2016 Mike Kirby and Tom Lakamp offer strategies for identifying the location and extent of a fire.

Upstream and Downstream Threats

05/01/2016 Spring brings with it thawing and potential flooding. It is a dangerous time for some public safety dive teams that have experienced months of downtime with very little exposure to open water operations.

Risk Management Models

04/01/2016 David F. Peterson looks at a real-life incident that applied a risk management model and saved a life.


12/01/2015 Christopher Truitt looks at report writing in the fire service and offers a template for more effective event recall.


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