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The 7-Sided Apparatus Check

06/28/2013 An apparatus check involves checking all four sides, right? Think again. Homer Robertson presents the seven sides of a thorough apparatus check when you’re leaving the incident scene.

Live-Burn Training: How Much Is Too Much?

06/25/2013 Heat stress is a known problem on the fireground. In Sweden, however, fire service leaders have begun to study heat stress during live-burn training, specifically how it affects instructors. In this interview, we talk with Swedish researcher Stefan Svensson about what they’ve learned and how it might apply to U.S. fire instructors.

Live-Fire Training Near Miss

06/09/2013 Live-fire training is a controversial topic. Attempts to deliver realistic training using an often-uncontrollable phenomenon (fire) have led to some high-profile fatalities and a legion of injured firefighters. Such events have given rise to a heated debate about the value of live-fire training. Because we have yet to find a suitable, affordable and satisfactory substitute for actual live-fire training, we must continue working to find ways to minimize the risk.

20 Tips for Safe Apparatus Backing

04/25/2013 Despite advances in technology and apparatus safety features, backing a fire apparatus is still a dangerous task. Capt. Homer Robertson provides 20 tips to review with your crew to help ensure the next accident doesn’t involve your apparatus.

Your Get-Started Preplanning Guide

12/17/2012 Greg Jakubowski offers simple steps for preplanning the buildings in your community, and offers advice for speccing an electronic preplanning system.


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