Apparatus Innovations

Big Order


Bob Vaccaro looks at the 18-unit delivery Peirce made to Lancaster County (SC) Fire Rescue.

Smart Power Systems Introduces the First Generator Controls through SAE J1939 Format


The system provides real-time vital operating parameters and diagnostics such as voltage, temperature, current, true system pressure, calculated load in kilowatts, and power factor.

Refurb is the Way to Go

09/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro looks at how the Elmont (NY) Fire Department refurbished its TDA.

Apparatus Technology

09/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro shares some of the new apparatus and products at FDIC 2016.

Multipurpose Apparatus


If you are looking for a small wheelbase pumper with aerial capability, this might be the way to go.

Enhancing Operations

07/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro looks at how the Greater Naples (FL) Fire Department took a chance on Pierce’s new aerial.

Triple Threat

06/01/2016 Bob Vaccaro looks at how the Solomons Volunteer Rescue Squad and Fire Department designed three vehicles that met the needs of its community as well as those of the surrounding communities.


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